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Do Blackheads Always Have to Be Manually Extracted or Can They Resolve on Their Own?

I have read inconsistent information from doctors regarding blackheads. Some say that topical medications, especially tretinoin, can help blackheads... READ MORE

Acne! Worse before better?

It will be 3 weeks since starting oral and topical acne treatment. In the first week the acne was worse than before. It cleared up for a few days and... READ MORE

I've done everything for acne. It won't go away. Any other treatment options?

Topicals, monocycline, other pills, and even accutane didn't really seem to clear my skin up. What is the last resort to get rid of this acne for... READ MORE

Getting prescribed accurate for acne. Any suggestions?

I have been seeing a dermatologist for a year now.I've seen her three times and I'm not seeing any improvement. I've used every topical treatment... READ MORE

For how long can you safely use topical antibiotics for acne?

I've been using topical clindamycin for acne since july 2015 and it worked fine.It's been around 8 months now.And recently I started using... READ MORE

I am 18 yrs old. How do I get rid of my acne? (photos)

I am 18 and still struggle with acne. I have had it as long as I can remember. I have been to the dermatologist, tried many topical treatments and... READ MORE

Hello, I've been experiencing cluster acne for the past three months or so. What could be the cause? (photos)

That is only limited to my lower facial/chin area (and only to the left side of my face). I've been applying several topical creams, including... READ MORE

What would you suggest ? Nothing topical or oral is helping. (photos)

23. AA. Never had any problems with acne. I'm a serious vegan. I drink a tolerable amount of water everyday. My doctor prescribed me tretinoin and... READ MORE

Had horrible acne my entire teenage and now adult life and feel like I've tried everything! What else might work?

I get acne on all areas of my face. At the age of 16 I was put on accutane. It seemed to help but I was one who had bad side effects and will not go... READ MORE

Do topical treatments (gels etc) absorb across the skin to effect areas where you did not apply it?

Hi,I'm wondering if anyone can help me.  I've been given a gel containing benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) and adapalene (0.1%) to apply to my skin at... READ MORE

My overall skin regimen for all seasons? I'm 14 with oily skin that is prone to acne and scars. Any topical remedies? (Photo)

Sunscreens cause acne, are too heavy and whitish layer.I go to school,I want a multipurpose cream subtler & more suitable for my oily skin.I have dark... READ MORE

Are Doxycycline and/or Retin-A Topical Safe when Having Red and Blue Light Therapy?

Can I take doxycycline 100mg twice daily and using Retin A .02% topical gel while using the red and blue light therapy? I know both of them increase... READ MORE

Can Salicylic Acid, And/or Other Acne Topicals, Cause Photo-sensitivity That Will then Lead to Hyper-pigmentation?

I'm a male in my early 30s. Over the last couple of years I've developed a melasma-like condition. The area, however, matches an area I've... READ MORE

What is a good topical to use in combination with Finacea for acne? (photos)

35 yo female with combo skin(oily tzone\normal cheeks)many no insure. Inflamed pimples starting to develop on lower cheeks only. Using finacea at... READ MORE

I wake up every morning with 8-10 tiny pimples on my face. How can I cure it? (Photo)

I have acne for more than 15 years.I m 32now.have tried several tropical treatments but all are temporary. Acne comes back after few months of... READ MORE

I started using Atralin (tretinoin) gel .05% at night time and clindagel phosphate topical gel in the day time (Photo)

I've been using these products for about 2 1/2 weeks now and my face has improved.. but i'm left with a thin film layer on the spots that i put the... READ MORE

Help finding a dermatology treatment, Agua Blanca del Codex, in USA!

I need to FIND a product that I use in Argentina, AGUA BLANCA DEL CODEX I use it as a topic treatment for my not too frequent acne reactions, it heals... READ MORE

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