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How can I get rid of my acne while taking the hair, skin and nail supplements?

So for the past few months I've been taking hair,skin and nails supplements. Its helping me trumendesly with hair loss, however its causing me to... READ MORE

How to treat bacne while taking supplements for bodybuilding? (photos)

I used to have acne in the pectoralis area but that went away through time. Now I break out mostly in the area of the rear delts and upper right of... READ MORE

Which supplements can I safely take while on isotretinoin?

I need to know about all there holistic supplements i can take while on accutane. I'm 30 mg a day READ MORE

I'm a 27 year old female. My skin usually is very clear. After years of no acne it started up again around my chin...why?

I'm a 27 year old female. My skin usually is very clear. My skin broke out when i was younger but never too much. I started taking Collagen pills in... READ MORE

Taking antibiotic doxycycline for acne - is it good idea if I incorporate a Probiotic supplement as well?

My Dermatologist prescribed me RetinA Micro 0.8% along with Doxycycline and both are working great to reduce my acne fast. Just wondering if it would... READ MORE

Help! I'm suffering from painful terrible acne. I've been struggling with acne ever since the age age of 12. Options? (photo)

Hello,  I'm 20 years old and still struggle with acne. I have Moderate to severe acne, blackheads, hyper-pigmentation, dry skin, and uneven skin... READ MORE

Is zinc 30mg effective for acne? Help.

I have read an article saying Zinc 30mg is effective way to reduce ACNE problem. Please can you help is this true? is there any possible side effect... READ MORE

Can I Take a Pre Workout Supplement Whist on Oratane? (photo)

Hi there, ive been on oratane for 3 months now and i am clearing up very well, but i do like to gym and with being so i also take the normal gym... READ MORE

Why Do Arnica, Neem, Saw Palmetto, Ubiquinone and Other Supplements Meant to Help with Acne Break Me Out?

I tried the supplements above to help with swelling, bruising/hyperpigmentation,hair thinning, post-acne pitting, & hormonal acne that came... READ MORE

Taking prescribed medication while taking a fat burner supplement

I am taking Spironolactone 75 mg each day for acne (once daily). Is it say to take a Shredz Burner supplement that contains Biotin 1000 mug,... READ MORE

can i take OB Protein while taking isotretinoin?

Is it ok to take my protein supplement (contains OB Protein140mg, L.Carnitine300mg, algae extract 80mg, aoe extract60mg, rose extract 60mg, mori... READ MORE

Dosage of supplements to treat acne?

Everyday. i eat 2 spoon of olive oil, 3 spoons of scotts emulsions(mainly consist of cods liver oil, vit A and vit D, vit C) and a tablet of 1000mg... READ MORE

Hi doctor! I'm Arxoo khan and I'm 24 years. Any suggestions for my acne?

Doctor I had acne vulgaris problem for many years but they have gone after taking home remedies but now again they appear coz of iron supplements. I'm... READ MORE

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