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What Do I Do About Blackheads on my Nose After Rhino? My Nose Has a Lot of Blackheads, Mostly from Wearing Sunscreen. (Ugh).

I don't want to squeeze them out because i am terrified of ruining one of my grafts in my nose. How long after cosmetic surgery would you say it is... READ MORE

Been using Tretinoin gel for 6 weeks, and my face isn't looking well. What cleanser/moisturizer/sunscreen do I use? (Photo)

-Really oily skin -Lots of sun exposure due to school I use Clean and Clear essentials foaming facial cleanser twice a day, once in the morning, once... READ MORE

I'm using the Epi Duo I am a 26 yr old female, I am noticing my face being red more often or having red blotches. Advice?

I am told to apply 2/day, Its been 2 weeks now, I am noticing my face red more often or having red blotches. How should i use spf in the AM, when I... READ MORE

What is the best level of SPF to use when using a combination of topical Vitamin A and Hydroquinone?

I'm currently using ZO Medical skin products suggested by my dermatologist which were meant to assist in with my adult acne and scarring.... READ MORE

Blue Light for acne: Is it necessary to wash the face before the treatment?

I learned that blue light can help with mild acne so I'm interested in the treatment. I use sunscreen everyday. Is it okay to have the treatment while... READ MORE

Suncream and acne prone skin. What are my options?

I'm a young adult with a history of acne. I completed a course of Accutane in June and still use Epiduo cream daily. I know I need to use daily sun... READ MORE

Can too much exfoliation cause superficial skin erosions?

I was using serums, sunscreen every day, exfoliants for acne, but I noticed that over the past few months my cheeks have been getting quite red and... READ MORE

Is SPF required while using aczone and tretinoin?

I have unbearably oily skin and a moisturizer with SPF just seems to make things worse. Is using SPF absolutely necessary while using tretinoin and... READ MORE

What is a good sunscreen?

I have acne prone skin and use acne medications. I need to use sunscreen. What is good? I read chemical sunscreens are not safe. The physical ones... READ MORE

8 Weeks on Epiduo and still getting Redness/Irritation, do I need to stop my treatment? (Photo)

I have been using Epiduo now for 8 weeks now and while it has definitely helped my acne (cystic acne mainly and some whiteheads along with blackheads... READ MORE

Acne and red skin - While using Epiduo ,I exposed to direct sunlight without applying sunscreen.

Due to this face became red and dark. I am using the moisturizer Venusia. Please suggest the necessary action to reduce the acne and burning skin READ MORE

What's the best sunscreen for acne problems?

Hi, Is rivela tint sunscreen better for skin? i am using rivela tint presently.How is ansolar spf 30?I cant get any reviews on rivela. READ MORE

I've been using Oratane for six months. Is it okay to wax my hands and legs? If not, can I use Nair spray?

Can i wax my body (hands and legs) while being on 20mg oratane for six months. ive started taking last week. if not then would using nair spray be... READ MORE

Problem with acne. What will help me? (Photo)

Now i use Cerave, A-Derma to comfort skin, Bioderma makeup remover, cicaplast and sunblock Innisfree from Korea. i also use AHA/BHA which is in my... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my daughter's (11) stubborn blackheads? She has sensitive skin. Can you suggest products available in SA.

My daughter is struggling with blackheads (stubborn & large) on the sides of her nostrils. She has a very sensitive skin and is prone to scaring. We... READ MORE

Blue light and ageing - Light Therapy Acne Mask etc

Last summer there were a huge number of news articles about how blue light from cell phones/laptops etc were causing premature ageing. New masks have... READ MORE

Is it safe to use sunscreen after Isotane, or will it cause a breakout?

Dear Doc, I used Isotane for 6 months and now no more acne, but im wondering if i can use daily sunscreen without causing breakout? And can i have vit... READ MORE

Breakouts and xeractan. What's my best option? (Photo)

I'm female 33 y, 60 kg, all in a sudden i started to have bad breakouts i took 2 different antibiotics for 2 month with no improvement, i started... READ MORE

What are these raised red bumps on my left cheek? Acne? Rash? (Photos)

I have has these red bumps for about 6 weeks they don't seem to go away. They don't really look like acne. I've cut my skincare regime for the past... READ MORE

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