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What Can I Do About my Acne?

I went to a doctor and she told me to use retin-a for a month, it has been really good but when i stopped the medication i got pimples on my face .... READ MORE

Is sunlight harmful during acne treatment? (photo)

Using acretin (tretinoin) at night for acne treatment require completely staying away from any kind of light (laptop, tube lights or lamps) or is it... READ MORE

How to fade post acne dark spots from brown Hispanic skin and effectively protect skin from the sun?

Hi, I have been a skin picker since the day I got my first pimple (on the nose, maybe seven years ago?) I am current 18 years old and have recently... READ MORE

My overall skin regimen for all seasons? I'm 14 with oily skin that is prone to acne and scars. Any topical remedies? (Photo)

Sunscreens cause acne, are too heavy and whitish layer.I go to school,I want a multipurpose cream subtler & more suitable for my oily skin.I have dark... READ MORE

Combining Tretinoin .1% with other Serums. Will I suffer from side effects?

I was prescribed tretinoin .1% to treat acne/blackheads. I am also using the Obagi Vitamin C w/ hydroquinone 4% to treat upper lip hyperpigmentation.... READ MORE

Red spots on my cheeks. (photos)

I got red spot on cheeks for about 3 months now sometimes is itchy when I drink alcohol and the hot day in sunshine. READ MORE

I have face acne since i was teenager, i noticed that during summer or everytime i go abroad my skin is clear. Any ideas?

Im 28 years i have been struggling with face acne since i was teenager.Being on accutane twice,benzoyl peroxide, AHA, exercising, food... READ MORE

Does skinoren darken the face at first? (photo)

I'm 32, was prescribed Doxy 100mg/day, Diane35, and Skinoren twice a day, for 6 months, now at 1 month mark the acne is partially gone (most of it)... READ MORE

19 year old guy from India: spots/boils on my forehead for over a month, what do I do? (photo)

I've had these boils on my forehead for over a month now. It gets suppressed for a while when washed or when aloe Vera gel or an exfoliation cream is... READ MORE

Acne and red skin - While using Epiduo ,I exposed to direct sunlight without applying sunscreen.

Due to this face became red and dark. I am using the moisturizer Venusia. Please suggest the necessary action to reduce the acne and burning skin READ MORE

Differin usage and sun exsposure on vacation. Should I stop using it?

Hello, I have been using differin for 4 weeks without any result so far. In 2 months (july/ august) im going on vacation to Israel. Should i... READ MORE

Is it ok to use Epiduo after mentioned side effects? How soon can I get rid of acne? Food/ sunlight /dust? (Photo)

I am using epiduo since last 12 days once before bed at night. It gives considerable burning sensation while applying. Since two days, I got red... READ MORE

Can I use tretinoin with Murad products? (photos)

I am 55 and was a sun loving person, I have uneven skin tone, age spots and now I am getting acne. I was prescribed tretinoin to treat my condition ... READ MORE

How long do salicylic burns take to go away?

I have put a salcylic product on my face, 20%, and it burned my face because I left it on too long. How long will it take to go away and what can I do... READ MORE

How long would I need to wait after application of Benzolye Peroxide to be able to be in the sun for twenty straight minutes?

I use products with Benzoyle Peroxide in them every day, but I'd also like to get a little sun on my face. I usually avoid doing this, but I'm paler... READ MORE

Is it OK to go to the beach while on isotretinoin?

I will be going to the beach for a week, and I'm on my fourth month of Claravis (currently on 100mg/day). If I apply a high SPF sunscreen, would it be... READ MORE

Hydroquinone side effects after sun exposure, how can I get rid of this? (photo)

My doctor prescribed me a benzol peroxide cream for treat the acne , then he prescribed me hydroauinone cream for the spot cause by acne and popping... READ MORE

I'm trying to figure out if these spots on my face are developed freckles from too much sun exposure or acne craters? (Photo)

I went a while ago to the dermatologist and she was able to zap some spots off my face with a laser because she said they were developed from too much... READ MORE

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