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Any idea why Im getting recurring pimples on my neck? (photos)

Ive been on cyclimycin for 3 months, then rifampicin for 4 months and then accutane 10mg for 6 months which i completed today, all prescribed by my... READ MORE

I'm getting getting these sores around my mouth, chin & facial hair. What are they & how do I stop them from coming back?(photo)

The breakouts start as small whiteheads, cysts, or ingrown hairs then manifest into large, swollen yellowish scabs. They're painful and itchy, and can... READ MORE

Developed Acne After Chemical Peels and IPL. What Are My Treatment Options?

I have been doing chemical peels of 20% and one beta peel of 15 % and have done three IPL lasers in between them over a four month period. I have... READ MORE

Am I Alergic to Benzoyl Peroxide?

I used acnecide on my face four or five days ago and I think I may be allergic. My skin is really tender, if I put anything other than water on it, i... READ MORE

How do I get rid of acne?

Hello, the past month I have just broken out on my face, neck and shoulders which is not like me at all, I usually get the odd spot. It's not terrible... READ MORE

On benzoyl peroxide for 9 months, lips became red sore itchy, dry & orange scabs three weeks ago. I do not apply on lips (Photo)

I really dont want to come off benzoyl peroxide, went to the doctors they dont know what it is and gave me flucoxocilin, it worked for a week and now... READ MORE

What can I do about my skin? (Photo)

I have very bad skin for the pass couple of yrs when it flares up it gets hot and sore there is a lot of bumps and only red on cheeks and nose READ MORE

How can I make this pimple/sore go down ASAP? (Photos)

I had an underground pimple on my face, and it was really started to irritate mess started picking and squeezing it which i know is the worse thing to... READ MORE

Can you please tell me what is wrong with my skin (Photos)

I have had this problem with my face legs arms buttocks neck and back a red lump appears very painful then breaks into a sore and does not heal scales... READ MORE

Bigger zit like a sore on lower back with a possible red line coming from it.

I burst the "sore" and clear liquid,pus and a bit of blood came out wondering if red line is bad and whether I should go to the doctors of if it will... READ MORE

I have this zit like bum on my neck? (photos)

Hey this zit like bump on my neck is very tender when I touch it. It feels like a zit and I tried popping it and stuff did come out. Anyone know what... READ MORE

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