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I Have Acne Vulgaris on my Back,shoulders Which Turn into Keloids,is There Any Treatment?

Often occuring acne vulgaris on my back,shoulder,chest turn into keloids(confirmed by my dermitologist),, even certain insect bites or wounds suffer... READ MORE

Pimple like rash only on back, shoulders, and chest. (photos)

Pimple like rash only on back, shoulders, and chest. Started on back and has seemed to spread. Hasn't caused much discomfort unless I am thinking... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Pimples on Head, Back, Chest and Shoulders?

I Recently Got my Head Shaved and I Have Many Pimple and Soars on the Back of my Head. i was wondering is there a way to get rid of them i also have... READ MORE

Acne on Buttocks, Face and Shoulders

My buttocks are in black colour, rest of the body is problem is ,acne on buttocks are troubling me, im 23 female. besides this i have... READ MORE

Spots on my Upper Torso - Are These Normal?

I'm 18 and have spots on my upper torso. They're on my chest, upper arms, shoulders neck and on my back. They're proper spots, like the... READ MORE

What's the most effective treatment, or combination of treatments, for acne on my face, chest and back? (Photo)

I have acne and small pitted scars on my face.On my chest, I have comedo acne and pustules. I have red and brown acne scars on my back.In addition, I... READ MORE

Acne problems. Back, shoulders, chest, buttocks, face. (photo)

I have very hard bumps on my back at the size of skittles, every time I try to pop them nothing comes out but blood and it feels like there nothing in... READ MORE

I suffer from extreme acne, it comes in a variety of ways and is very inflamed. What do you suggest?

Hi my name is dez, I am 14, I am looking for anyway to GET RID of it before school starts, in a month, or at least make it much better. I have tried... READ MORE

My daughter is 10 and she has acne, do you have any treatment for it?

She has it on her back, shoulders and face mostly bad on her forehead too, its quite bad on her back and she recieved these at the age of 9 and she... READ MORE

I have acne and dark spots with many small pores on the face and also on shoulders chest and back. Any suggestions?

Pics can't be send but plz help I m very depressed I don't want any lotion and cream I want oral medicine.Now I m 19 nd acne started from teenage READ MORE

I have a big problem related to acne - I've had it for the last 5 years. Sometimes it goes back but then returns. (photo)

I have papules and nodular type acne problem. my condition is very wlorse i feel very depressed. i concern many times to doctor but no effect. i also... READ MORE

White Unpoppable Bumps on Shoulder Blades for Years, Minocycline Didn't Help, Other Options? (photo)

Hey im now 21 year old male.... i have these white bumps on my shoulder are and sometimes in middle of my back when they breakout but thats once in a... READ MORE

What is causing my neck, shoulders and trunk to breakout? (photos)

I'm a white male in my early 30's. For the past 3 years I have been having breakouts on my shoulders, neck, & trunk. I've never had body acne till... READ MORE

What can I use for cystic acne on back and shoulders? Have already done antibiotics. Use tretinoin on face to manage that acne.

I was originally put on doxycycline but had a bad reaction and went on Bactrim for 3 months with tetrinoin for my face. After being off antibiotics... READ MORE

I have had red acne like bumps, pustules, nodules, and pimples on my chest for over 3 months. What is this? (Photo)

Red itchy painful acne like bumps on chest and shoulders bactrim is not clearing up. months. I have been to two dermatologists and been told it's a... READ MORE

Acne Treatment? Nothing seems to be working

Hello I AM desperate. I AM 23 year old woman who sufferes from severe cystyc and nodular acne all across my face,back,shoulders,arms and chest. Ive... READ MORE

How can I naturally get rid of acne?

Hello docotor, I have been dealing with acne for a long time. I've tried every chemical in the book but they all don't seem to work for me! I have it... READ MORE

Acne over my arms and shoulders. Please provide me with an effective solution

I have acne over my arms and shoulders.i have consulated many doctors and their treatment but got no results.please provide me with a effective solutions. READ MORE

Blu-u effective on the back and shoulders for acne?

Is the blu-u pdt machine effective for use on the back or shoulders after one hour of ALA? My shoulders and back were cleaned, rubbed with acetone,... READ MORE

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