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Is It Better to Drain an Acne Cyst or Do a Cortisone Injection to Reduce Skin Atrophy/scarring?

I've had successful cortisone shots from my dermatologist before, but when visiting my plastic surgeon, with a large cyst, he insisted on trying to... READ MORE

Finacea Hypopigmentation?

My dermatologist prescribed 15% finacea gel for my acne and scarring. I am biracial with a caramel skin tone, and I have been reading that there is a... READ MORE

I'm currently on week 7 with Epiduo and Tretinoin but my face still appears to be tremendously red and at night I see scars.

Would the scarring ever go away with continuous utilization? It seems like I haven't even notice any improvements at all. Desperately needed some... READ MORE

What Can U Do to Get Rid of Acne Scars and Acne?

I have lots of marks on my face plus I have lots of holes caused by acne on my face. I have tried multiple products such as proactiv,clindoxyl gel and... READ MORE

I had four courses of Accutane and acne is still severe . Does Photo-Dynamic Therapy work?

I'm a 24 year old female and have battled with severe acne for 10 years. I have tried every treatment including 4 courses of Accutane, minomycine,... READ MORE

Never had acne on my cheeks before. What's the best treatment for acne and scarring? (Photo)

Two years ago i had acne vulgaris on my forehead and went to dermatologist. She gave me eritromicynium(dont know exacly how to spell it) and azelaic... READ MORE

What is Left? Late-onset Acne, That Involves Face, Scalp, Labia, and Sometimes Other Parts of the Body. (photo)

It happened at 27. Deep, hard knots on both sides of my face. Lasting for months, unless I lanced them. I also had normal acne. It's been 4 years. I... READ MORE

Is this acne or something else? (Photo)

My 15 year old sister has had these all over her face chest and body for the last 2 years and nothing has seemed to help. She's 15 years old and every... READ MORE

IPL vs microdermabrasion vs chemical peel. Scars, uneven skin, still have acne, & redness. HELP PLEASE. (photos)

I have had acne since I was about 15. I'm now 26, my skin is scarred, uneven, I have red spots. I would love to not have to wear make up and feel... READ MORE

Acne cure for someone who's tried and stopped everything including tane and spiro and birth control due to side effects?

Hello. I seem to have awful luck with oral medication for acne. At this point my acne is mild but persistent and scarring. I passed out twice last... READ MORE

How do I get rid of these bumps!? (photo)

For the past two years, since the birth of my son, I have been getting ugly acne, infections, assesses, scaring ...I goes on. I keep the area dry and... READ MORE

Washing face/acne question

Hello! I just have a question about washing my face and acne. I mainly only get whiteheads now since I have been treated by a derm for cystic acne.... READ MORE

What type of acne do I have and what can I do about it? (photos)

I've had issues with acne since I was 19. I'm 25 now with the same issues. I get hard painful bumps on both cheeks. They then go and leave terrible... READ MORE

How can I treat my reddish acne blemishes? Or do I have discoloration and pigmentation scarring? (Photo)

When i was 16,i faced with acne problem and then i used accutane for 5 months. This pill really helped me to get rid of my acnes but normally i... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Help Boost Collagen and Stop my Face Scarring? (photo)

I have recently had a very bad cystic acne breakout caused by retin a. (I am now using epiduo) since my skin has cleared the red marks are really... READ MORE

I have been breaking out on my butt for a while, and on the back of my thighs and under my butt cheeks. What can I do?

I have been braking out on my butt for awhile now. I dont know what to use or do. Its also on the back of my thighs and under my butt cheeks. I also... READ MORE

Eryfluid for folliculitis treatment?

I have had folliculitis on my legs for 3 years. My dermatologist recommended the use of Betadine and Fucidine twice a day, and said that the problem... READ MORE

Acleara+AFT versus Spectra for active acne - which is better?

I have taken Roaccutane with no success and don't want to go through a second round. 1 dermatologist suggested Spectra laser and the 2nd suggested the... READ MORE

Just had Dermaplaning for acne scarring

My scars look worse and so much more noticeable now after I had Dermaplaning done 2 days ago. Is this normal? I have no excessive redness or swelling... READ MORE

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