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Can I take biotin for hair growth on scalp while taking spironolactone for hirtuism and acne?

My hair on my head has been thinning, nails break easily, and my skin is overall dull. I was considering taking biotin for these conditions, however I... READ MORE

Can I use Benzoyl Peroxide & Tretinoin? Best moisturizer with SPF that won't leave face oily and shiny for acne prone skin?

I am using Tretinoin 0.1 gel in the PM & clindaymcin gel 0.1 gel in the AM. I don't like the clindaymcin but from past skin care practices I like... READ MORE

Should I be on an antibiotic while using Tretinoin and Aczone?

A while back ago I used Tretinoin 0.05% and Aczone in the morning while being on Dorxy DR 150 MG tablet for my cystic acne. It all cleared up and I... READ MORE

Can I use clindemycin gel and adapalene cream at same time?

My doctor has prescribed me clindemycin gel twice daily and differin adapalene cream once daily at night. So, i am confused if i should apply... READ MORE

Is Isotroin 10mg E Safe During Breastfeeding?

Hi doctor, am breastfeeding my 7 month old and have a horrible breakout of cystic acne. am on amoxicillin.i always had acne from the age of 13 due to... READ MORE

My skin is combination to oily with hormonal mild acne . Can I use bha with retinol in pm?

Does the acidity of acids like aha/bha/L-ascorbic acid interacts with retinol efficacy as retinol changes to transfer retinoid acid on skin. READ MORE

I'm France female 22 year old 45 kg, it is OK to take Althea and aldactone together? And what dose is recommended for me?

Im taking althea a coc pill rightnow to manage my jawline acne and planning to take aldactone also. since I was 10year old when i have menstration I... READ MORE

Can I use Epiduo and a 2% hydroquinone cream for post-acne hyperpigmentation at the same time? In what order should I do this?

I have been using Epiduo for four months along with my birth control, and my acne has significantly improved. Now, the most noticeable thing is the... READ MORE

Is it okay to use azelaic acid with Isotretinoin?

I have mild acne, and I was prescribed Isotretinoin and azelaic acid at the same time. Do you think it is safe to do them both? READ MORE

While on treatment of acnetrex, is it safe to use pills or any contraceptive?

What pill or contraceptive is compatible with acnetrex? READ MORE

Acne Treatments Combined? Duac and LED Light Therapy?

I suffer from mild acne, so mild now that it is unnoticeable, and has practically gone. However I want to maintain clear skin by using the treatments... READ MORE

Is using antibiotics and birth control pills taken at the same time to treat acne effective?

İ've been using monodox and yazz 24+4 birth control pills for my acne at the same time. I've read that antibiotics may reduce the effectiveness of ... READ MORE

Dark spots from acne. Is it safe to take hydroquinone and minocycline at the same time? (Photo)

I had a bad breakout of acne (2 months ago) on my skin. Doctor prescribed me minocycline, have 1 month left. The acne cleared up but I have dark spots... READ MORE

Can I take an acne laser and IPL rejuvenation at the same time?

Im 38 years old with active acne ,spider nevi and telengiektasis .my dermatologist suggested to take acne laser and rejuvenation ipl at the same time.... READ MORE

Do tazorac and benzoyl peroxide counteract each other? (photos)

My doctor prescribed me both tazerac and benzoyl peroxide for my acne. However I'm reading online that the two creams may counteract eachother. Is... READ MORE

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