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Safe to use Hydroquinone to lighten red post acne marks while currently using topical Tretinoin .025%?

I suffered from adolescent acne for 4 years. I'm now 21 and was prescribed tretinoin .025 gel which I've been using everynight for 3 months. I'm happy... READ MORE

Is it Safe to Combine Tretinoin 0.05% Cream and a Over the counter Hydroquinone Gel 2%?

Is it safe to use prescription Tretinoin 0.05% cream and a overthecounter hydroquinone gel 2% together? I am trying to lighten dark spots and rid some... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Hydrogen Peroxide on the Face?

I'm referring to the 3% kind found in stores. I've heard that it is great for treating acne and can lighten the dark spots left behind by acne... READ MORE

What Acne Medications Are Safe Prior to Laser Treatment?

What acne medications can I use the week prior to laser treatment? My face is extremely acne-prone, and I basically have to use acne meds at all times... READ MORE

How long can Doxycycline be safely prescribed for?

I take Doxycycline antibiotic pills for acne. I have been on the pills for two years now, consistently. My doctor gave out the drug quickly enough but... READ MORE

Is it safe to use aczone and hydroquinone?

I'm using aczone as an acne spot treatment. I moisture then spot treat breakouts with aczone. I have some hyperpigmentation and would like to use... READ MORE

Is Septra D.S. recommended for Acne Treatment?

My daughter is 15 and has been battling acne for 4 years and nothing seems to work. She was on Monocycline for a long period of time with no results.... READ MORE

Safe for Potential Fathers to Take Minocycline for Acne?

Is it okay for a potential father to take Solodyn (minocycline) for acne? Some doctors have told me that it's okay, but the drug information says that... READ MORE

Is it safe to take 200 mg Doxycycline Hy for 4 months or longer?

Hi, I'm worried about c diff or other side effects. I may have late stage Lyme disease. The doxy is working brilliantly but I already had IBS from a... READ MORE

Is prolonged use of Benzoyl Peroxide safe?

I am currently using clindamycin; I understand that prolonged use of an antibiotic could lead to a "super infection". However, I want to use Benzoyl... READ MORE

For how long can you safely use topical antibiotics for acne?

I've been using topical clindamycin for acne since july 2015 and it worked fine.It's been around 8 months now.And recently I started using... READ MORE

I'm trying to conceive and so would like know some safe ointments/gels for my acne /blemishes as visible in the pic. (photo)

I'm also looking for some fairness ointments/lotions which is safe for me as ok trying to conceive. I have tried many products all in vain. Please help ! READ MORE

Is Retino AC Healthy for Skin?

I realized this product is alcohol based and my skin is left feeling dry, so will this result in aging/damaging my skin in the long run? Should I keep... READ MORE

Is Blue Light for Acne Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

I am currently on a variety of acne meds that cannot be used during pregnancy. I am wondering if blue light can be used during pregnancy? Thank you! READ MORE

Are Doxycycline and/or Retin-A Topical Safe when Having Red and Blue Light Therapy?

Can I take doxycycline 100mg twice daily and using Retin A .02% topical gel while using the red and blue light therapy? I know both of them increase... READ MORE

Thermascan 1319 Safe After Accutane and Effective for Oily, Acne Skin?

I am a 42 yo cauc fem with hormonal acne. I discontinued a 4 month course of generic Accutane(Claravis) in Aug due to increased cholesterol and hair... READ MORE

Is melacare cream good or not for Acne?

As m using melacare cream from past two days by doctor's advice, i just surf on net n saw some feedback who used this cream n m sacred now whether to... READ MORE

Is "hydroval hydrocortisone-17-valerate" safe to use on acne ?

My dermatologist told me to use this for my acne (face), but after doing some research I found out that this cream is used to treat eczema, dermatitis... READ MORE

Does tetralysal affect my contraceptive pills's effectiveness? (photos)

I started taking tetralysal for my acne like a week ago, and 4 days ago I started taking contraceptive pills (yasminiq) for the first time. Im... READ MORE

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