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Is It Okay to Sweat While Using Epiduo Gel?

Im outdoors a lot for school and also just because but where i live it's really hot and consequently i sweat,now im using epiduo gel for my face and i... READ MORE

Differin 0.1% During Pregnancy Okay?

I used differin 0.1% few times in my first weeks of pregnancy. Does it effect the baby? READ MORE

Does Switching Antibitoics for Acne Treatment Cause Any Negative Effects?

I was prescribed monodox for my acne for 6 weeks, and recently was switched to solodyn. I've been using the antibiotic in conjunction with a... READ MORE

Is prolonged use of Benzoyl Peroxide safe?

I am currently using clindamycin; I understand that prolonged use of an antibiotic could lead to a "super infection". However, I want to use Benzoyl... READ MORE

Is it safe to use hydroquinon 3% combined with clindamycin phosphate 1%?

I have acne and acne scars too Is it safe to use the combination READ MORE

Why do med spas not inform you of the risks of Kenalog injections?

Do not get Kenalog injections!! I had one pimple I wanted gone before a big weekend and got one. Now I am stuck with a deep crater divet in my face... READ MORE

Which supplements can I safely take while on isotretinoin?

I need to know about all there holistic supplements i can take while on accutane. I'm 30 mg a day READ MORE

Acne treatment: I have been using cleocin-t lotion ( clindamycin 1 %) for about 2 weeks.

It helps to decrease my acne. Is there any need to switch to 2% clindamycin lotion or it is ok to use just 1 %? I wonder if 2 % works better. But Im... READ MORE

Is Tretinoin+Clindamycin and Ducray Keracnyl Safe for a 9 Year Old Girl with Acne? (photo)

Hi, My nine year old daughter has developed ance on her forehead. It appeared last year when we moved from England to Bangalore, India. A locally... READ MORE

Can tretiva cause sudden weight gain? Is it a very harmful medicine?

I have been taking tretiva from the past two months to treat my acne. It has helped me greatly and my acne is gone but I have started gaining weight... READ MORE

How Rare is Intracranial Hypertension from Doxycycline? Is Doxycycline Safe to Use for Years?

I have been on Doxycycline for about 3 years and I have recently increased my dosage from 100mg/day to 200mg/day. I have read about intracranial... READ MORE

Is Qlaira Ok when Taking Oratane?

I have been suffereing of acne forever. And last year I already had Oratane for 10 months (20mg) 5 months after my doctor gave it to me again, now... READ MORE

Does tetralysal affect my contraceptive pills's effectiveness? (photos)

I started taking tetralysal for my acne like a week ago, and 4 days ago I started taking contraceptive pills (yasminiq) for the first time. Im... READ MORE

Can I Use Differin XP Gel 2 Weeks After Rhinoplasty?

Can I Use Differin XP Gel 2 Weeks After Rhinoplasty? READ MORE

While on treatment of acnetrex, is it safe to use pills or any contraceptive?

What pill or contraceptive is compatible with acnetrex? READ MORE

Will my baby have birth defects after getting pregnant 2 weeks after taking Isotretinoin?

My husband and I had sex 2 weeks after I stopped taking Isotretinoin 10mg (Isotane 10). That was between July 25-28. I was supposed to have my period... READ MORE

Can I have diphtheria and tetanus shot while on isotretinoin?

Hello I am 15 year old female and taking isotretinion pills since two days now. The schedual for the DT vaccine is this week.. Should I stop the drug... READ MORE

I Have Used 10mg of Actnetane for 4 Days I Just Found out Im About 1 Month Pegnant Wht Are the Risks?

I have used 10mg of actnetane for 4 days i just found out im about 1 month pegnant wht are the risks. I stopped with my treatment in January 2013, but... READ MORE

Pregnant 3 weeks after stopping use of Isotretinoin. Will my baby be harmed?

Someone please help. I'm totally stressful. I have been used Isotretinoin for almost 2 months, 20mg/day (The drug named Isonace 10mg). Then I stopped... READ MORE

Blue light and ageing - Light Therapy Acne Mask etc

Last summer there were a huge number of news articles about how blue light from cell phones/laptops etc were causing premature ageing. New masks have... READ MORE

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