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Cystic Nodular Acne After Corticosteroid

Doctor gave me Lameson (something like prednisone) - corticosteroid for my Bell's Palsy. After taking it for 2 months, in my 47yo - acne appear on... READ MORE

How long until Yaz is effective for acne treatment? (Photo)

I just finished my first month of Yaz and have seen no improvement in my skin. I can't tell if my skin has gotten worse or if it's the same from... READ MORE

I am wondering if acleara is long lasting?

I've suffered from Acne since my early teenager years until now (late 20's). It isn't horrible, but certainly annoying. I don't really want to take... READ MORE

How long will it take for bactrim to show results with cystic acne?

I have severe cystic acne in my chin. I was given bactrim for ten days and I am note on my 6th day. How long should it take to show results? READ MORE

I have been prescribed Differin cream. How long till I start to see an improvement and a reduction in follicular plugs?​

Hi, I have Follicular Keratinisation on the chest i.e. follicles are plugged with Keratin? Treatment Differin READ MORE

Chemical peel or laser for acne and fine lines under eye area? (photos)

I'm battling adult acne and fine lines that have begun to show under my eyes from squinting and smoking. I currently use Retin-A .1 % nightly and have... READ MORE

Best way to treat cheek? (Photos)

Hey! I used to have a lot of acne, but I cared for my skin and it went a way! I was left this 'indented scar'. I have lasered 6 times and it's still... READ MORE

I am considering using hydroquinion and tretionion for acne scars on my face and body/arms and butt and legs.

I am trying to clear up my PIH before this summer. Is it safe at 1% tretionion and 4% hydroquionion and how shouldn't I use it? How soon will... READ MORE

On 10mg of Doxycycline for rosacea, how long can I remain on this?

So, Doxycycline is really helping me get my skin controlled. I am prone to small, pus-filled acne and a lot of redness/itchiness, and since Doxy, I... READ MORE

Does skinoren darken the face at first? (photo)

I'm 32, was prescribed Doxy 100mg/day, Diane35, and Skinoren twice a day, for 6 months, now at 1 month mark the acne is partially gone (most of it)... READ MORE

Acne treatment. Any suggestions?

Hello, hello, My name is Raman. I have combination skin and i have mild acne from last three years . i went for IV drips for two but did not get any... READ MORE

Should I quit using Stieva-A due to uncomfortable side effects?

I've been using stieva-a cream (0.01%) for 2-3 weeks now to remove little pimples on my buttocks. I could see good results but I also experience side... READ MORE

How long do prescription acne medications like aczone have to stay on your face to be effective?

Every morning when I wake up, I wash my face and put on my aczone. Then I go to the gym and sweat it off for a few hours, and then go home, shower and... READ MORE

Can ceramides cause insulin resistance?

I asked a similar question like this before, and it got no replies. Can someone please answer this. on wikipidia it says "Increased ceramide synthesis... READ MORE

Does tetralysal really work? How much time does it take to show good results? Does it take long. (photo)

I posted a pic lately before I visit my dermatologist and he gave me a cleaning gel and tetralysal,told me to use it for 3months READ MORE

If you got severe acne the first pregnancy does that mean you will get the same result on the second pregnancy?

Hi! Last pregnancy i got severe acne the whole pregnancy! I was diagnosed with pcos before becoming pregnant. This time around instarted taking... READ MORE

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