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I Have Acne on One Side of my Face Why?

I am a female and once when I was a child i rubbed a razor up against my face. Ever since I have had acne on that one side of my face. I know the skin... READ MORE

Why Does my Acne Spread?

Hi, I started to have some pimples on my forehead since 13. The rest of my face or body never ever gets a zit. Later I got a few pimples on my chest... READ MORE

Why do I always get such bad cystic acne in the winter?

Why do I always get such bad cystic acne in the winter? I can go acne free for months and than I'll go months with painful pizza face, back , and... READ MORE

Why is my face breaking out so badly? (Photo)

My face has recently broken out badly with clusters of tiny pimple like texture bumps. I've tried cutting out all possible irritants (washed sheets,... READ MORE

My question is about acne. Why did my face start burning and become red after applying adapalene and benzoyl peroxide?

I am using adapalene and benzoyl peroxide gel for my acne. It's working well for me. Today I applied lakme cc cream and washed it later. After about 3... READ MORE

23 yr old female, for the past 3-4 months I've had acne on my forehead, chin, and cheeks. How can I get clear skin?

I just want to know the rason of getting acne at this age and also want to know how to get rid of acne.  READ MORE

Why do I still have acne?

I had acne at an early age, but in 2015 July l decide to go to the dermatologist for Acne treatment , I ended my treatment th following year July the... READ MORE

Can Dutasteride Clear Acne and Hirsutism?

Well,i was just thinking that if dihydrotestosterone is the cause for all the androgenic hormonal acne and hirsutism,why cant dutasteride be taken as... READ MORE

Tetracycline is Not Available at the Pharmacy. Has It Been Discontinued? Why?

During my teen yrs I used tetracycline for short periods (around that time of month when I would have breakouts I'd use it for 3-4 days and it kept my... READ MORE

Day 31 On Oratane and Don't See Much Improvement, Why?

Today is Day 31 on Oratane N I Have Not Seen Much Improvement if Dnt Knw I Its Because of the Hydroquinone 4 % I Use for the dark spots on my face... READ MORE

Why does my face keeps breaking out for no reason? (photos)

3 months ago, I went to the doctor to see what's happening to my face and he told me I have moderate acne and he suggested that I use peroxide de... READ MORE

Why do I get this on my face? (Photo)

My face started to have alot of acne a month ago, then i used a product and it was off, in all of a sudden this black patch started to be rough like... READ MORE

Reason for pimples?

I had severe pimples and now I'm aware of that severe situation .but again I cause pimples.....and the thing that I want to know is what are the real... READ MORE

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