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I Am Pregnant. What Can I Use As an Alternative to Retin A or Differin for my Acne?

My main issue is with skin texture and acne. I get comedones (white heads) and build up on my skin, which causes further breakouts. Most over the... READ MORE

Cystic Acne Only on the Sides of the Nose?

Currently I have Cystic Acne. I got large acne only on the sides of my nose. Not a single acne on other places (not on cheek, not on forehead, not on... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Depressed Acne Scars & Keloid Acne Scars - Safe to Use While Pregnant?

I have a combination of raised acne bump scarring and depressed acne scars,I am looking for the best ,most effective treatment available,if possible... READ MORE

Differin 0.1% During Pregnancy Okay?

I used differin 0.1% few times in my first weeks of pregnancy. Does it effect the baby? READ MORE

What is Safe Acne Products/ingredients During Pregnancy?

Im planning to have a baby (still not pregnant). I have worse acne cysts on the face only around my nose. Currently I use netrogena facewash + spot... READ MORE

What Are Some Good Alternatives to Retinoids During Pregnancy?

What are some good alternatives to retinoids during pregnancy and what happens to your skin when you stop using them? I have been using Differin for... READ MORE

My Niece Has Adult Acne and is Trying to Get Pregnant. Would Laser Treatment Be Helpful for Her?

My niece has tried everything over the counter to rid herself of her adult onset acne. She is 26. The acne is around her chin and forehead. As she is... READ MORE

Can Differin Gel 0.1% Cause Birth Defects?

Is there any concern of this acne topical causing birth defects if used before or while pregnant? If so, how long should one stop using this topical... READ MORE

Will Getting Pregnant Cause a Acne Relapse After Taking Isotretinoin?

I took isotretinoin many years ago, had a relapse, took it again and now my skin is amazing. Will getting pregnant cause a relapse? I know some women... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to get pregnant after using epiduo?

I have been using epiduo for my acne. I stopped using it a couple of weeks ago. How long do i need to wait before getting pregnant? Is it until I have... READ MORE

Will Accutane Affect My Pregnancy?

I was on Accutane from August 2012 to March 8th 2013. I had sex a week after being off accutane. I was three days late I took a pregnancy test and... READ MORE

Is Blue Light for Acne Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

I am currently on a variety of acne meds that cannot be used during pregnancy. I am wondering if blue light can be used during pregnancy? Thank you! READ MORE

Is there any adverse effect if I stop taking isotretinoin suddenly?

I'm 23years old female.I used to take isotretinoin(20 mg)twice daily for 3 months and once daily for a few days.Then I stopped taking it.The last time... READ MORE

How long should I wait before I can get pregnant after taking acnetrex?

My dermatologist prescribed me Acnetrex (Isotretinoin) to be taken for 3 Months. According to my dermatologist, wash of period of 2 months is needed... READ MORE

Oratane: Will my baby be deformed or defected? (photo)

I have took 8 pcs of oratane 20 mg (2 tablets once a day per week) for a period of 4 weeks. I drink the last tablet on Jan.4 and on Jan.10 I found out... READ MORE

Can Femilon contraceptive pills treat my acne or will it make my acne even worse?

Hi, I am 27 yrs old married woman.I hv irregular periods for last 7-8 months.I also hv been diagnosed with PCOS. Hormonal reports are normal.I also... READ MORE

I am wondering how many cortisone shots in one acne cyst is advisable? When should I ask for drainage/antibiotics?

I am 14 weeks pregnant. Before I became pregnant I had a normal sized pimple on my cheek that I accidentally scratched hard during the night. It... READ MORE

Solodyn and trying to conceive a baby?

I just topped taking Solodyn for my Adult acne and I was wondering how long does it take to be 100% out of my system to try and conceive a baby? Or... READ MORE

Will my baby have birth defects after getting pregnant 2 weeks after taking Isotretinoin?

My husband and I had sex 2 weeks after I stopped taking Isotretinoin 10mg (Isotane 10). That was between July 25-28. I was supposed to have my period... READ MORE

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