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How to Get Rid of Acne and Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

I'm a african american who is 20 years old who still get really bad acne which follow into post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. it is all over my... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat acne along chin and jawline?

I'm a 48yo Black female who trains and has been experiencing aggressive breakout on my chin/jawline. It has left some PIH as well. I've tried Tazorac... READ MORE

Any dermatologist here based in NJ that specializes in teen acne?

We've been to 4 dermatologists with no success. My daughter is 16 and her acne is getting worst, and on top of that she's also dealing with PIH that's... READ MORE

Redness After Pimple Popped - Looks Embarrassingly Like Herpes when Near Mouth?

After my pimples pop the skin stains red for a long time, even after skin has dried and healed. It's embarassing if it's near my mouth because the... READ MORE

Question About High Frequency Devices, Salicylic Acid for Acne?

Hello and thank you for your time. i have two questions: 1. why are high frequency devices for acne not a more popular choice, especially in the case... READ MORE

18 weeks post op. How long for these hyperpigmentation to fade? (photos)

On my way to 18th week next week. However, pih seems severe that won't diminish. How long does it normally take for my situation? READ MORE

Is that PIH? (Photo)

I've fair skin and have never head acne or skin problems. I'm a 21 year-old female. Some months ago I started breaking out on my left cheek like five... READ MORE

How to treat acne induced IHP on asian skin? (photos)

I am Asian and have Acne induced post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). My marks are more brown/red and purple. My dermatologist suggested a... READ MORE

Over 35 Adult acne, Hypertension, and PIH. Any suggestions? (photos)

I need HELP please! I have spent thousands of dollars on my skin from acne washes snd creams to chemical peels such as the Melanage peel, but to no... READ MORE

I developed PIH after using "Clean and Clear deep cleaning astringent with salicylic acid". Will it ever go away?

The hyperpigmentation has lasted for 2 years so far. I am hesitant to try hydroquinone as it could make it worse. I use physical sunblock daily, and... READ MORE

Totally clear of acne after 6 weeks, should I ask my doctor if I can get off doxycycline already?

I switched my previous retinoid to Retin A Micro 0.1 and it works way better, I can feel my skin is drier in a good way, smaller pores and more... READ MORE

Switching from Epiduo to Differin 0.1% and is long term use of BP is bad?

Is it okay to switch from Epiduo to Differin 0.1%?, so basically just removing the BP component. It was my doctor who told me that I don't need the BP... READ MORE

I've been on epiduo and tretinoin for 17 weeks. Why are the pih visible? When does it tend to subside? (Photo)

Recently, I've switched to every other morning for epiduo and every night for epiduo for the past 1 month. However, more whiteheads appear the... READ MORE

Can this be fixed? To what extent? Can I tattoo over this as a last resort if need be (after procedures to fix)? (Photo)

Here are 4 photos of what I am suffering from right now. Backstory - August 2014 I headed off to college as a freshman and was participating in a... READ MORE

Mild acne and PIH, what should I do? (photos)

I suffered from mild acne about 3 years ago, I'm currently 18. I went to a dermatologist and she prescribed me differin which didn't work, and she... READ MORE

My doctor prescribed much more than I thought for mild acne/marks. Are they effective? (Photo)

I went to a dermatologist 1st time for my acne marks/pih and he gave me topic use: sebogel, medacinT, A-ret tretinoin 0.05 cream and dcl revitalizing... READ MORE

Retinoic acid cream, moisturizer, and a bleaching cream

My derm prescribed me these topical meds(in order) antibacterial toner, moisturizer, retinoic cream, tyrosinase inhibitor cream. I have moderate acne,... READ MORE

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