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How to Treat Butt Pimples?

Hello,i'm 20(India).I'm suffering from pimples on my butt for several years goes off in 2-3 days,wit few small bumps,1or2 become big... READ MORE

Sudden Breakouts of Painful Pimples?

 I am a 30 yr old female. I have sudden breakouts of pimples once in 3 months. The pimples are painful and they leave scars on my face. Kindly... READ MORE

How do I get rid of my acne on my butt? It's embarrassing and leaving horrible dark spots. (photos)

I don't have acne anyplace else on my body beside my buttom. It's embarrassing that's why I never went to a doctor for it just thinking it would go... READ MORE

Which Birth Control Pill Best Prevents Acne?

I am 30 years old and have struggled with acne since fifth grade. My current pill, Lo/Ovral, helps the acne on my face, but I'm breaking out along... READ MORE

Is it normal for a treatment to make things worse before they get better when it comes to cystic acne? (Photo)

I've have cysts on my face and I've always had just one or two at a time. After going to the dermatologist she prescribed Doryx and two topical... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Stubborn Chest Acne?

I have had chest acne for about 2 years now and I've been on minocycline for the past 9 months and it hasn't gotten better. It seems to come and go... READ MORE

How can I get rid of acne and oily skin on my face?

Hi, i'm 17 years old boy. My face always stays oily and i have acne on face which are increasing day by day but it may disappear for month . Now it's... READ MORE

Exhausted all my acne options, Accutane, spironolactone included. Any suggestions?

Hi there. I'm extremely distressed as I am a 24 year old female who has tried everything and been on accutane three times. Had to stop the third time... READ MORE

Burn or allergic reaction to benzoyl peroxide? (photo)

My derm told me to use panoxcyl body wash for my chest acne. It's 10% benzoyl peroxide. I was washing my body the other day and I used the wrong soap... READ MORE

How can we remove rashes and pimples from oily face? (photos)

Sir this is my face ,how can I remove the dark rashes and pimples completely from my face ,it is very irritating and painy, while shaving it is very... READ MORE

Does birth control pill will really help me to get rid of acne? (photos)

Since june 2014 i have got bad acne on my jawline and lil bit on the upper neck. Some of the pimples are painful and it is getting worse. I have... READ MORE

I'm getting getting these sores around my mouth, chin & facial hair. What are they & how do I stop them from coming back?(photo)

The breakouts start as small whiteheads, cysts, or ingrown hairs then manifest into large, swollen yellowish scabs. They're painful and itchy, and can... READ MORE

A solution to stop my acne, and clean my face, please? (photos)

Hi! Since I am 11years old, I am suffering from a severe acne, my face is the worst part. I thought that by 16_17 it will be gone, but now I am 18... READ MORE

What to use for a pimple when the white head has turned hard and doesn't come out?

I have this pimple for a long time and the white head has turned hard and its really painful. READ MORE

I have pimples in my face. My whole face is covered by pimple itself? Any suggestions? (photos)

Pimple in face and lot of pain in pimple I m using lot of home remedies to cure that pimple bt it didn't help? So help me READ MORE

I am nearing 50 & breaking out with these clear liquid bumps on my face. Why is this happening & how can I treat it?

These bumps become very painful!!! If I go to release the pressure it becomes this huge inflamed area. Please help!!! READ MORE

What's the best treatment for painful jawline acne? (Photo)

Help! My acne is normally semi-manageable, but for over the last month, I've had these painful, red almost cysts along my jawline that won't go away,... READ MORE

Please suggest cure for my big painful pimples, specifically in the forehead area at the age of 33.

I m 33 yr old and married, suffering from painful pimples from last 2 months specifically on my forehead area. Once broke out it stays for 2-3 weeks... READ MORE

how to get rid of red and hard acne on nose? (photos)

I am 16 years of age and for a year i have been getting acne on my nose. these acne are hard,red and painful. the pain is unbearable when accidentally... READ MORE

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