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Does Proactiv really work to clear acne?

Recently new product launched, "Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control" that claims to help fight acne and oily skin but there are very few solid reviews... READ MORE

I'm 25 Years Old So Why Do I Keep Getting Acne? (photo)

I have an oily skin. I regularly use oil-free cleansers and make up. One year ago a doctor prescribed me a 3 boxes of "zithromax" "obagi gel cleanser... READ MORE

I have oily skin and my nose has many whiteheads and blackheads. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I'm male, 16yrs. My skin gets super oily after like 2hours and i have so many bumps in my face and my nose has so many whiteheads and blackheads but... READ MORE

Why am I suddenly oily and breaking out?

I am 22, female, I've had dry skin and scalp my entire life, I would have to slather thick moisturizers to keep my face from looking dry, and my hair... READ MORE

How to Eliminate Acne Permanently

Hi, i have acne since 11 years old and it has spread from face to body until now (im 18). I have acne on my face, neck, ears, back and breasts. I dont... READ MORE

How to Stop Sebaceous Glands from Producing Too Much Oil?

Is there a laser cure, or a similar treatment, to stop the oversecretion of oil from the sebaceous glands. Is it safe? READ MORE

Can Laser Treatment Cure Oily Skin?

Are there any laser treatments (or surgeries) to rid one of very greasy skin? (mine is especially in my nose, which needs washing every 30 minutes,... READ MORE

Male 25 with Chest Acne, What Are My Options? (photo)

I have tried a series of different things to resolve my chest acne. over the counter acne body wash seems not to help at all. i used many different... READ MORE

I am 30 and have had lower cheek and chin acne for 4 months.What type of acne is this and how can i get rid of it? (Photo)

I have always clear skin my whole life..I didn't experience acne past 29 years.sometimes just a little pimple it get cured very soon just like... READ MORE

Skincare Products for Dark-skinned People with Oily Skin?

I am dark-skinned with oily skin and blackheads. What products would you recommend for me? READ MORE

Benzoyl Peroxide or Tretinoin with Claravis Effective for Acne?

I am 41-year-old black woman. I'm currently on Claravis. The skin is less oily now but the acne is still prevalent. Would using Tretinoin cream 0.025%... READ MORE

Treatments for Cystic Acne and Large Pores

I have cystic acne and very large pores. I use Tretinoin .0025% and that helps as I only get them occasionally, now. I've always had to stay on the... READ MORE

What's the Best Treatment for Stubborn Acne?

I have been suffering from acne for eight years now. I have tried treating it but it seems nothing is working. I have oily skin. Please assist me. READ MORE

Topical Acne Treatment for Oily Asian Skin

I'm an Asian female, with oily skin. I have pitted acne scarring on my cheeks and I'm looking into Fraxel laser. For the time being, I'm trying to get... READ MORE

How long can isotretinoin be taken in low doses?

Hi, im a 28 years old male with oily skin and acne problems, but specially oily skin. I made a course of isotretinoin when i was 15 , but the oily... READ MORE

I Have Tiny Red Acne Itchy Bumps on Face? (photo)

Hello I have this tiny acne like bumps on face i have oily face so i am acne proned but these ones dont seem like pimples cause they are itchy can you... READ MORE

I Have Acne Problem. I Have Certain Black and White Heads Inside my Skin. Suggest Me a Treatment?

I am female.. a am 36 years old.. i am suffering through acne problem from last 7 years.. i took many treatments but no advantage... i have oily skin.... READ MORE

Pimples, dark spots and oily face. What are some solutions? (photo)

Hellow Sir i have pimples on my face since 5 year... I used too many Cosmetic Cream Of pimple but there is no result.. I have Dark spot and pimple and... READ MORE

Age 50, Fair Skin, Oily T-Zone, Acne - Best Treatment Options?

I am very fair skinned, oily t zone, many pores some large, occasional cystic acne, white and black heads. some acne scars mainly below my lip and on... READ MORE

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