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I have oily skin and my nose has many whiteheads and blackheads. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I'm male, 16yrs. My skin gets super oily after like 2hours and i have so many bumps in my face and my nose has so many whiteheads and blackheads but... READ MORE

How Can I Keep White Heads From Coming Back Around My Nose?

If you look clearly on the corner of my nose, there are a little whiteheads or something.. I can Squeeze them out and get something like pus.. but... READ MORE

How can I get rid of a recurring pimple on my nose? (Photo)

I've had this for about three months now. It stops being red and shrinks almost to blend in with my nose. Then, once it looks like it's about to go it... READ MORE

Cystic Acne Only on the Sides of the Nose?

Currently I have Cystic Acne. I got large acne only on the sides of my nose. Not a single acne on other places (not on cheek, not on forehead, not on... READ MORE

Im Having Early Rhinophyma.There is Significant Swelling and Acne on my Nose. What to Do?

The disfiguration is bothering. I tried a course of clindamycin. It didnt help. Can anything be done in 3 months? Because im joining work in 3 months. READ MORE

Treatment for Whitehead on the Nose?

I have four non-inflammatory acne or white head on my nose. They used to be really large acne, and they left bumps on my nose. Initially, I thought... READ MORE

Can Acne and Other Skin Problems Affects Nose Thickness?

I have really nice nose when i was a kid and when i reach puberty i suffered from acne and blackheads, until now i still have them but the problem is... READ MORE

Im 16, a Boy. I Have Very Stubborn Pimples on my Nose. I Have Tried Alot of Products but to No Avail? (photo)

Hello i am 16 and a boy and i have tried nearly every product and every way however to no avail. i wash my face many times a day, and i wash with a... READ MORE

How to Treat Blackheads? (photo)

I've very stubborn blackheads on my nose. I've tried all the home remedies and topical ointments. Nothing helps. Is there any cosmetic treatment which... READ MORE

How do I get rid of small pimples on nose and cheeks? (photo)

I need to get rid of this small pimples on my nose and cheek.its been there for the past 2 week. And it seems to look there any good... READ MORE

I have terrible clogged pores. There is acne everywhere on my face. What can I do? (Photo)

Under my chin, I have a serious whitehead issue that would go away with any products. Around my nose, forehead, and cheeks are disgusting clogged... READ MORE

i have big pores on my nose, chin, and cheeks. Also pimples everywhere! Help? (Photo)

Ive had acne since the 3rd grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in high school and its still here! WHY? Ive tried everything! Asked docters but tgey couldnt even... READ MORE

How to treat an acne that's only in my nose?

I have an acne, just only in my nose they only grew on my nose and they are big and when they last for days they have pus in them, the dermatologist... READ MORE

Suffering from small pimples around nose?

I am male (18). my face is almost clear but nowdays.small pimples are comming around nose. i tried to press it but it doesnt come out its painning... READ MORE

Cortisone injection for acne nodule but bump still there. Breastfeeding & unable to use normal acne medication. What can I do?

Over a week ago, I developed a painful nodule on the tip of my nose. About four days later, I saw the dermatologist. She gave an injection to help. It... READ MORE

How to get rid of blackhead?

I have been squeezing blackhead with applicator for years. My nose always looked good for a few days afterward, but they come back very quickly and I... READ MORE

Flesh Color Bump on Nose Originated from Acne in Nasal Cavity Came Back 6 months After 2 Steroid Injections, What Is It? (photo)

An acne was growing in my nasal cavity, protruding to other side like a cyst on nose. After acne in cavity gone, cyst on nose became a flesh color... READ MORE

Uneven Nostril? Can Acne Scars Cause This? What Can Help with the Problem? (photo)

U see on one side of the nose, the nostril is a little bit higher that the other. But on the left side there is no like "nose fold" so it's all puff... READ MORE

Red Patch on Nose a Reaction to Acne Treatment?

I have a teenager that developed a red patch on both sides of his nose about a month ago after acne treatment. I have taken him to a couple of... READ MORE

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