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Hyperpigmentation from Acne on Face, Back and Chest. What To Do?

Hi so ive suffered from acne since i was a teen im now 21. my doctor has gotten my acne under control now but i have so much dark spots all over my... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Stubborn Chest Acne?

I have had chest acne for about 2 years now and I've been on minocycline for the past 9 months and it hasn't gotten better. It seems to come and go... READ MORE

Stieva-A 0.01%. I have been using it for 2 weeks and haven't seen any improvements. Is this typical with this product?

My doctor has recently put me into Stieva-A for my acne, at first they said just to use it every second day for 2 weeks and then after that I should... READ MORE

I've Been on Differin for 17 Weeks and I Don't Have Any Improvement? (photo)

I get blackheads and cysts all over my face. When I put on makeup to cover all the scars you can see around the cysts and all along my cheeks are a... READ MORE

Large Deep Oily Blackheads on Face, Using Differing Gel, Not Working, Tried All over Counter Product?

Deep large oily blackheads very dry flaky cheeks, why? I have millions of large blackheads on tzone with dry sensitive skin on cheeks, all products I... READ MORE

Epiduo won't work. Any suggestions?

So I have been using Epiduo for about 7 months and there's no affect. I was told to apply enough all over my face and neck at night daily. Sadly it... READ MORE

Adapalene = worst face ever!

Im on my 5th week of adapalene gel .01 in microsphere. There is no irritation, redness, and very very mild peeling. I just have tons of whiteheads... READ MORE

Why isn't blue light acne treatment working for me?

I've been using blue light acne treatment for like 2 months and I haven't seen no improvement what's so ever. I thought it is suppose to kill 99.99%... READ MORE

How long does epiduo take to work?

I have been on epiduo for 6 weeks now and have seen no results my acne has not gotten better or worse. Does this mean it isn't working and I need... READ MORE

isotretinoin not clearing acne

I m on isotretinoin from past 3months...dose is 20mg alternate days...i m not feeling much improvement and i m still breaking out?? What should i do? READ MORE

I am 18 years old boy And having skin problems on my face day by day i am worried about it please can you help me. (photos)

I am having pimples or Acne on my face these are increasing day by day .I take care of my face very wisely but their is no positive result.Can you... READ MORE

My treatment seems to be not working 2 weeks into Epiduo and Azelac. (photos)

Hello! I'm exactly on my 2nd week of using epiduo and azelac as my treatments but it seems that it is not working.I still have my acne and it seems to... READ MORE

I'm having acne on my forehead for about 6 months now.

I am using Benzyl peroxide since about a month but no result . they are pimples and red in color , and they increase . any help ? READ MORE

About acne pimples, what treatment would you recommend?

Hi, i m suffering from bad acne from 8 years when i was in india i treat my skin got prescriptions but nothing work. Now m in canada its still there i... READ MORE

Day 31 On Oratane and Don't See Much Improvement, Why?

Today is Day 31 on Oratane N I Have Not Seen Much Improvement if Dnt Knw I Its Because of the Hydroquinone 4 % I Use for the dark spots on my face... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Acne? I Have Extremely Sensitive Skin and They Never Dissappear.

I used to have such beautiful skin in middle school and everyone would tell me that with or without makeup....The end of freshman year in high school... READ MORE

Is Absorica available in England? I will be going with a private, board certified dermatologist. Thank you in advance.

When I was 19 I got acne and tried Tetracycline for 3 months with no prevail. I saw a dermatologist for laser treatment. This worked as within 6... READ MORE

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