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How to Eliminate Acne Permanently

Hi, i have acne since 11 years old and it has spread from face to body until now (im 18). I have acne on my face, neck, ears, back and breasts. I dont... READ MORE

Which Birth Control Pill Best Prevents Acne?

I am 30 years old and have struggled with acne since fifth grade. My current pill, Lo/Ovral, helps the acne on my face, but I'm breaking out along... READ MORE

Spots on my Upper Torso - Are These Normal?

I'm 18 and have spots on my upper torso. They're on my chest, upper arms, shoulders neck and on my back. They're proper spots, like the... READ MORE

Any idea why Im getting recurring pimples on my neck? (photos)

Ive been on cyclimycin for 3 months, then rifampicin for 4 months and then accutane 10mg for 6 months which i completed today, all prescribed by my... READ MORE

Can Trentinoin Be Used for Neck Acne?

I have been using trentinoin for my face and it help clear up my face? I am still on doxy 100g 2x a day. I have mild acne and some red spots on my... READ MORE

Does birth control pill will really help me to get rid of acne? (photos)

Since june 2014 i have got bad acne on my jawline and lil bit on the upper neck. Some of the pimples are painful and it is getting worse. I have... READ MORE

Acne at 34. What are my options?

Pusslike pimples cheeks, hairline and bad on neck under ears. I get cold sores too and seem similar. Idk they're itchy too and im so dry. Was on... READ MORE

I am 74yr old female. Never had acne as a teen. Now it appears I have it.

Mainly on my temples and forehead. Also, had a couple on my neck. What can I do? The pimples have a flat whitehead or a peaked whitehead and are... READ MORE

I'm experiencing dermal atrophy from cortisone injections. I received for pimples on my neck over 10 months ago. Any suggestion?

For awhile, the skin seemed to be restoring itself but as of late, it seems that it has stopped getting better or is even starting to sink back in.... READ MORE

I'm using tretinoin cream. Is this normal? (Photo)

I have been using tretinoin cream for 19 days and tried it on my neck chest and upper arms once last week and left me like this (see pics) is this the... READ MORE

I'm a 26 year old man. What treatment would you recommend for an acne on my neck? (photo)

I have what looks like acne on my neck for a good 3 months and it only seems to be getting worse. Sometimes I wake up to find my neck inflamed... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the acne on my neck and jawline?

I always get pimples on my jawline and on my neck, but not so many at other places in my face, they are especially concentrated in this areas. Why is... READ MORE

I have acne-like red bumps on my neck area and want to know if it's acne or something else. (Photo)

I'm 16 and I've had acne for about 4 years now but never below my face. About a year ago I started getting these "bumps" on my neck and they started... READ MORE

Epiduo won't work. Any suggestions?

So I have been using Epiduo for about 7 months and there's no affect. I was told to apply enough all over my face and neck at night daily. Sadly it... READ MORE

Why do I break out around my sideburns, neck, and chest? (Photo)

First they'll be little bumps not pimples though and then they'll turn into black spots. My doctor prescribed me selsun shampoo selenium sulfide 2.5... READ MORE

Do I Have Any Other Options? 23/F With Severe Acne. (photo)

I am a 23 y/o female with severe acne. My face, neck, arms, and entire chest and back are filled with little bumps and blackheads and EVERY single... READ MORE

What is causing my neck, shoulders and trunk to breakout? (photos)

I'm a white male in my early 30's. For the past 3 years I have been having breakouts on my shoulders, neck, & trunk. I've never had body acne till... READ MORE

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