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Popped Pimple Possible to Turn into Cyst-like Bump?

Can a pimple after being popped cause minor mucous glands to make a cyst-like bump? I woke up one morning to go to work and everything was completely... READ MORE

Get Rid of Fordyce Spots on the Lips?

As i know fordyce spots are sebaceus glands , so is a kind of acne , I have these spots on my mouth (lips) My dermatologist says that its normal and I... READ MORE

I'm getting getting these sores around my mouth, chin & facial hair. What are they & how do I stop them from coming back?(photo)

The breakouts start as small whiteheads, cysts, or ingrown hairs then manifest into large, swollen yellowish scabs. They're painful and itchy, and can... READ MORE

My face is five shades darker than my skin tone after one month of Epiduo. What can I do?

I have been using epiduo for a month now. It is completely clearing up my acne. It is not painful putting it anymore. However, i have one concern. My... READ MORE

Progesterone Cream/Hormonal cystic acne?

Hi, I am 36 year old female, and have been diagnosed with PCOD (FSH being 12.4). I have been on contraceptive pill for over a year, and other... READ MORE

I have had back acne for 3 years (never had before) don't know what to do anymore! Any suggestions? (photo)

I am 41 years old and have never had back acne before. It began about 3 years ago on my back and has never gone away, I've noticed that it is... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my acne? I'm 28 yrs old and I've been having worse acne than in my teen years. (photo)

I've tried multiple over the counter stuff. Nothing really seems to be working. My BIGGEST area is my chin and sides of my mouth but I also get them... READ MORE

Acne or Herpes? (photo)

Hey, I am a teenage boy. A couple of days ago, my entire face broke out and I also noticed some pimple-like bumps in the corners of my mouth. I am... READ MORE

I have persistent breakouts around my mouth and chin. I still don't know what causes it to be so persistent and painful (Photo)

After my wedding I changed countriesI used to live in Turkey and now live in Las Vegas. My acne problem started almost a year ago in vegas. I have... READ MORE

What do I do about this? I've tried everything

I started taking sprintec birth control for my acne but my skin around my mouth (chin, cheeks, side of nose, upper lip, and the sides of my mouth... READ MORE

Best way to clear up my breakouts? I have hormonal acne near my mouth and chin. (photo)

I get hormonal acne (being that is is near my mouth and chin) and I'm starting to get it on my cheeks. I don't want to go on birth control. What are... READ MORE

I would like to ask about acne (Photo)

Now since i started having acne i found alot of ways to treat it my acne is almost gone the only one i have left is on my cheeks and rarely around the... READ MORE

What is going on with my face?

After using BP for a year, I developed eczema on parts of my face so I stopped. A year later I have severe dryness and flakiness around the sides of... READ MORE

How do I get rid of acne?

Hello, the past month I have just broken out on my face, neck and shoulders which is not like me at all, I usually get the odd spot. It's not terrible... READ MORE

I am 34 years old but I keep on getting painful acne in my face, especially around my chin and my mouth. What should I do?

I usually get it and its painful as well and of course its different in uk to get treatment but are there any products in shops that can help to... READ MORE

I have dark spots near the corners of my mouth that I want to get rid of and what can I take for my acne that won't burn my skin

I have adult acne and I was prescribed 2 creams, they actually irritated my skin so I stopped taking them and since the day it irritated my skin I... READ MORE

Getting rid of long-time acne around my chin & mouth. (photo)

I'm 20 years old. I've constantly had this area of my chin red-ish and acne prone for the past 3 years! The red-ness and "flat" acne right below my... READ MORE

Is Spironolactone and/or Birth Control safe for people with neurally mediated hypotension? (Photo)

I am a 21 year old female who never really had acne as a teenager. However, in the past 3 or 4 months I've had acne spring up out of nowhere mostly on... READ MORE

Dermatologist prescribed me tretinoin gel, but I have dehydrated skin should I use this?

My skin is tight every time I pat my face with a wash cloth, I have alot of closed comedones my dern said it was KP, for aome reason my face also is... READ MORE

Bright Redness around mouth when I move my mouth (smile, eat, talk). Gotten worse recently. Please help! (photos)

Hey! A year ago I started to use Salicid Acid to treat acne. I got a miniscule symptom of what I have now. I quit SA and used other products that... READ MORE

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