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My daughter is 10 and has acne, what can she use to cleanse and moisturize, to help stop the acne?

She's not menstrating there but it's going to happen soon it's affecting her self-confidence she already feels awkward about her height and weight 5'4... READ MORE

Should I put moisturizer on my entire face, including the acne areas, before putting on my Epiduo acne treatment?

I'm very confused at how I should use epiduo, because I've been using it for about 2 weeks and it's been leaving very clear visible red patches on my... READ MORE

Epiduo acne treatment has burnt my face, how can I help my skin recover? (photos)

My GP prescribed me the gel without telling me only to use small dosages. I have stopped using epiduo for 4 days and my burning seems to be getting... READ MORE

Is Aloe Vera a Good Moisturizer?

I am using aloe vera, directly from the plant to moisturize my face, because I am using 10% Benzoyl peroxide to treat my acne. Do you think aloe vera... READ MORE

To Moisturize or Not to Moisturize?

I have medium severity adult acne. I went to see a skin specialist today and the derma nurse prescribed a strict skin regimin which includes a... READ MORE

Can I use a toner or moisturizer and acne medication together?

I am using tretinoin in the evening and erythromycin solution with benzoyl peroxide gel in the morning. Although this works for me, my skin is always... READ MORE

What does Rosehip Oil exactly do to our skin ?

I'm using Tretinoin 0.05% cream for a week now (during night time only) for some hyperpigmentation & I've seen 80% improvement. From now on, I'm going... READ MORE

Can I use Benzoyl Peroxide & Tretinoin? Best moisturizer with SPF that won't leave face oily and shiny for acne prone skin?

I am using Tretinoin 0.1 gel in the PM & clindaymcin gel 0.1 gel in the AM. I don't like the clindaymcin but from past skin care practices I like... READ MORE

Veltin (clindamycin-tretinoin) gel is burning my skin. (photo)

Hi I just recently started Veltin gel for my acne. I'm struggling with it because it's burning my face. My face is extremely flakey and red and... READ MORE

What is a good brand of face wash and moisturizer to use for cystic acne? (Photo)

I'm taking Keflex 500mg 2x's a day before I make my decision about my accutane, but I would like to know if there's any specific brands or what I... READ MORE

Been using Tretinoin gel for 6 weeks, and my face isn't looking well. What cleanser/moisturizer/sunscreen do I use? (Photo)

-Really oily skin -Lots of sun exposure due to school I use Clean and Clear essentials foaming facial cleanser twice a day, once in the morning, once... READ MORE

Acne, dry skin. Should I apply lotion or any type of moisturizer to my face?

I have very troubled skin therefore I've been using Shea Moisture African Black Soap to try & Get rid of my acne scars which is practically on my face... READ MORE

Moisturizer for Oily Skin Necessary?

Hello I have extremely oily skin (face and scalp). Due to hairloss i have to shave my head, so the also oil is visible on my scalp. after washing my... READ MORE

I am 18 yrs old. How do I get rid of my acne? (photos)

I am 18 and still struggle with acne. I have had it as long as I can remember. I have been to the dermatologist, tried many topical treatments and... READ MORE

I Am a 22 Year Old Female and I Want to Know What I Should Use to Care for my Skin?

I have very light skin that is extremely fair and any blemish is easily noticeable. I hear so much information about what I should and should not use... READ MORE

My face turned really yellow/tan from using the regimen?

I started using the regimen over a month ago and it turned my face really yellow/tan people say its the moisterizer that makes you yellow... READ MORE

Is it ok to use moisturizer with Acnatac?

I've got dry but oily skin, and I've always used moisturizer after washing in the morning and at night before bed. I got prescribed Acnatac and didn't... READ MORE

Can I use Neutrogena oil free acne wash and then apply Skin Effects glycolic moisturizer after?

My considered regimen: Morning, 1.Cleanse with Neutrogena acne wash which has saliycic acid in it. 2. Apply Neutrogena clear pore oil eliminating... READ MORE

How often should you apply BP and BHA?

I just stopped using trentioin (wrecked havoc on my skin) My derm told me to stop to be on the safe side. my derm prescribed me doxycycline 100mg (1... READ MORE

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