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Pimples after menstruation

I am 20 yr old. I have noticed I get pimples after monthly cycle instead of what I usually hear (many get it before!) What is the reason?! What can I... READ MORE

What's the Best Acne Cure for Me? I Have Pcos Symptoms, Hair Growth, Acne, Irregular Menstruation.

I have pcos symptoms, hair growth, acne, irregular menstruation. Im 27 year old female. In feb 2012, I stopped getting my period. Maybe due to weight... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment For Hormonal Cystic Pimples?

I get cystic pimples (one or two) during my pre-menstrual stage. What can I do to prevent these? READ MORE

Acne Problem During Menstruation (Period)

I have moderate pimple problems and it worsens everytime during my menstruation . And my face is full with pimple scars . What treatment is better for... READ MORE

Can spironolactone cause little tiny whiteheads right before period?

I have been on 50 mg/day of spironolactone for almost 2.5 months. I haven't seen any real noticable effects except that right before my period my face... READ MORE

Should I stay on spironolactone after noticing lumps on breast/underarms?

Hi! I was prescribed spironolactone for treatment of cystic acne. I was previously on accutane, which worked, but the acne came back, so now I've been... READ MORE

How to take yasmin for acne?

If i use yasmin (cocp) for treat my acne, do i need to take it starting from my first mentrual period like for contraceptive use? READ MORE

Minocycline side effects?

Hi, I am 21 years taking minocycline for my acne. So I've been taking this medicine for 2 weeks and I experience spotting and cramps like I'm having... READ MORE

I get severe breakouts before every period cycle which leads to scars . How can I prevent this pre menstrual flare ?

I always get pimples just before my period cycle which then leads to acne scars . How can I prevent this from happening again ? READ MORE

About using xeractan. I've been taking 40 mg for 2 months but the acne is still appearing, especially near menstruation.

I'm taking xeractan 40 mg for 2 months now and I improved a little bit but still the acne is appearing specially near the menstruation. Now in the 3rd... READ MORE

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