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Pimples after menstruation

I am 20 yr old. I have noticed I get pimples after monthly cycle instead of what I usually hear (many get it before!) What is the reason?! What can I... READ MORE

What's the Best Acne Cure for Me? I Have Pcos Symptoms, Hair Growth, Acne, Irregular Menstruation.

I have pcos symptoms, hair growth, acne, irregular menstruation. Im 27 year old female. In feb 2012, I stopped getting my period. Maybe due to weight... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment For Hormonal Cystic Pimples?

I get cystic pimples (one or two) during my pre-menstrual stage. What can I do to prevent these? READ MORE

Acne Problem During Menstruation (Period)

I have moderate pimple problems and it worsens everytime during my menstruation . And my face is full with pimple scars . What treatment is better for... READ MORE

Can spironolactone cause little tiny whiteheads right before period?

I have been on 50 mg/day of spironolactone for almost 2.5 months. I haven't seen any real noticable effects except that right before my period my face... READ MORE

How to take yasmin for acne?

If i use yasmin (cocp) for treat my acne, do i need to take it starting from my first mentrual period like for contraceptive use? READ MORE

Should I stay on spironolactone after noticing lumps on breast/underarms?

Hi! I was prescribed spironolactone for treatment of cystic acne. I was previously on accutane, which worked, but the acne came back, so now I've been... READ MORE

Minocycline side effects?

Hi, I am 21 years taking minocycline for my acne. So I've been taking this medicine for 2 weeks and I experience spotting and cramps like I'm having... READ MORE

I get severe breakouts before every period cycle which leads to scars . How can I prevent this pre menstrual flare ?

I always get pimples just before my period cycle which then leads to acne scars . How can I prevent this from happening again ? READ MORE

Will Aldactone worsen the acne on my face?

I don't have cystic acne, but mild acne occurring usually around the cheek areas and at times along the sides of my face. My doctor prescribed me with... READ MORE

About using xeractan. I've been taking 40 mg for 2 months but the acne is still appearing, especially near menstruation.

I'm taking xeractan 40 mg for 2 months now and I improved a little bit but still the acne is appearing specially near the menstruation. Now in the 3rd... READ MORE

Can Neotrex affect my menstrual cycle? My period is three days late and I don't think I'm pregnant.

I don't take birth control pills. I started taking Neotrex for my oily skin two weeks ago, and I was informed that acne medication could have some... READ MORE

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