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Minocycline: Long Lasting or Quick Fix?

I am a 27 year old male with moderate acne my whole life(breakouts more severe once I quit smoking 6 months ago). I eat healthy, well balanced... READ MORE

Why Don't Prescription Acne Treatments Work? Minocycline, Duac lotion, and Differin gel

I've consistently had mild acne for about a year, and in February my dermatologist put me on Minocycline, Duac lotion, and Differin gel. He told... READ MORE

Why Are my Face Acne Medicines Not Working Anymore? (photo)

I was struggling badly with acne vulgaris when i was 14. i applied erythromycin solution and panoxyl cream on affected areas after in the mornings and... READ MORE

What Acne Medications Are Safe Prior to Laser Treatment?

What acne medications can I use the week prior to laser treatment? My face is extremely acne-prone, and I basically have to use acne meds at all times... READ MORE

Are There Pills Which Treats Cystic Acne , Pco Related?

I have cystic acne on both cheeks, there are bumps underneath the skin that leaves marks. I am bothered by this, and have visited several... READ MORE

Persistent Acne and Hyperpigmentation: How Can I Permanently Resolve it?

I have been on all oral medication that you can think of and topicals like Differin etc. The second I stop and ween of off it the acne comes back... READ MORE

Best Medication for Body Acne?

I have mild acne not only on my face but down my back and shoulders "sprinkled" between my breasts. I am 25 years old. I have used some... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Doryx 100mg Capsules Twice Per Day for the Treatment and Maintenance of Clear Skin Long Term?

I have used doryx before but only 50mg once per day at night to keep acne at bay. Recently I had a flare up and I was prescribed 100mg twice per day... READ MORE

Claravis and Long-term Side Effects?

I am a 35 year old female and have just been prescribed 40mg per day of Claravis for 5-6 months. I am very concerned with possible long-term adverse... READ MORE

Switching from Benzaclin and Tazarac for Acne

My son had a Microdermabrasion done yesterday for acne. He has lesions around his mouth forehead, and cheeks. He was using Benzaclin and Tazarac,... READ MORE

Can I Do Laser Therapy for Acne, before I Start Roaccutane Therapy?

-I am 20 years old and i have acne vulgaris. -The sunlight during the summer is good against acne butt after in winter acne it gets at the worst level... READ MORE

Does Demeclocycline Help Acne? I Take It Daily for SIADH.

I am 50 and began having acne about 2 years ago--probably due to menopausal hormonal fluctuations. I am reluctant to use Retin-A oriented products... READ MORE

Can I Take Acne Medication After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Its been three weeks after my surgery and i was wondering if its OK to take acne medication? I been taking acne medication for about three months... READ MORE

Prescribed oral Dapsone for acne rosacea. Is this the correct treatment?

Is this correct treatment? I thought my Derm would prescribe one of the tetracyclines. READ MORE

I started using Fabior (tazarotene) Foam 0.1%. My derm recommended it for some weird white bumps I had on my nose.

I thought I would use the prescription on other parts of my chin because I am prone to acne there. I was clear when I started applying the medicine,... READ MORE

Acne cure for someone who's tried and stopped everything including tane and spiro and birth control due to side effects?

Hello. I seem to have awful luck with oral medication for acne. At this point my acne is mild but persistent and scarring. I passed out twice last... READ MORE

Can I Take a Pre Workout Supplement Whist on Oratane? (photo)

Hi there, ive been on oratane for 3 months now and i am clearing up very well, but i do like to gym and with being so i also take the normal gym... READ MORE

How can I get rid of acne completely? My skin is flaky and peeling off after using acdermin gel, is it normal?

Hi doctor i am 18 years old and suffring from acne since 4 years and used alot of medicines now i am using acdermin gel ,skin a cream and contimycin... READ MORE

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