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How Can Sebaceous Bumps Under Skin Be Removed?

I had nodular acne three years ago. After treatment with Accutane and a follow up treatment with Retin-A, my acne is now under control. However, under... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure to Pull Face Back to Fix Scar?

I am 35 years-old, female. I have a severe scar on my L cheek 1" long from cystic acne. It's lumpy & I tried collagen before but the results... READ MORE

Should I stay on spironolactone after noticing lumps on breast/underarms?

Hi! I was prescribed spironolactone for treatment of cystic acne. I was previously on accutane, which worked, but the acne came back, so now I've been... READ MORE

Acne and Rosacea at 48 (plus Poikiloderma) Please help? (Photos)

I've battled with acne and rosacea since my teen years and now at 48yrs old, I'm so fed up! I have enlarged pores, pimples, broken capillaries, lumps... READ MORE

Soft lumps from acne cysts. Treatments available?

I have two small soft raised lumps on my chin from acne cysts. My acne has gone now but im left with these lumps. Dermatologist said they are too... READ MORE

Spots on my forehead for 2 years. 21 years old. (photo)

What is this on my forehead? i used to have lovely skin in my teens never used to get as much as one spot now 21 av been getting spots coming an... READ MORE

Adult acne: is there anything else internally I could take? (photos)

Hi I have recently come out with adult acne rather then big red spots I have tiny lumps all over my face I am very depressed as I am getting married... READ MORE

Which cream is useful for me without steroid content?

My problem is small marks due to acnes. Slight color fading around eyes. These marks makes lumps on face. READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of These Little Hard Lumps Under my Skin on my Face, Its Getting Me Really Down?

This last couple of months i have started to get little hard lumps under my skin on my cheeks of my face i have tred exfoliating but its not working... READ MORE

Unsure about oratane. Any suggestions?

I have had acne for years(since about 15 and im almost 21 now). went on oratane for 6 months but didnt work. I was put on spiractin,retin-a and... READ MORE

I have a lump under the skin on my face. Should I be worried.

I have a few bumps(breakouts) on my chin. They are starting to clear up. Slightly under one to the side of it is a lump under my skin. It is painful... READ MORE

What kind of pimple is this?

I squeezed the crap out of my chin yesterday trying to get some blackheads out and then my chin swelled up and started oozing. It was oozing all night... READ MORE

Popped a blackhead on my nose turned into a hard lump. What is it?

I had a blackhead on my nose and tried to pop it. It didnt pop and turned hard and swollen throughtout the day. I squeezed it and it popped with puss... READ MORE

What is this? My doctor says it is acne and he prescribed duac and differin but they won't go. (photos)

Had them 6 months post giving birth, no changes to regular skin routine. Good hygiene and no history of acne. They appear solid, nothing oozes when... READ MORE

Can you please tell me what is wrong with my skin (Photos)

I have had this problem with my face legs arms buttocks neck and back a red lump appears very painful then breaks into a sore and does not heal scales... READ MORE

I've had 4 lumps in my cheek for 6 months. What are they? I have acne

OK so my derm put me on BCP for acne back during Christmas and about 2 weeks later i noticed lumps in my cheeks. I had never had acne on my cheeks or... READ MORE

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