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Popped Pimple Possible to Turn into Cyst-like Bump?

Can a pimple after being popped cause minor mucous glands to make a cyst-like bump? I woke up one morning to go to work and everything was completely... READ MORE

"Isotretinoin Orifarm" threatment, how long do I need to go with this threatment, is it getting better? (photos)

I've posted a question post in this website a day before my threatment with "Isotretinoin Orifarm" started. Now it has been two months and it gets a... READ MORE

What do I do about this? I've tried everything

I started taking sprintec birth control for my acne but my skin around my mouth (chin, cheeks, side of nose, upper lip, and the sides of my mouth... READ MORE

I have a lot of dark spots and acne spots on my face. I used x-out and a lot of other medications but nothing is working.

I also have a big dark area around my cheek near my lips because I accidentally put bait on my face. How can I lighten that up READ MORE

I've had acne since the birth of my second child - tiny, painful boils which crop around my chin, lips & neckline.

I've been prescribed 'duac' antibiotic cream for acne, which didn't work. Then I was prescribed erythromycin, which also didn't work. I was then... READ MORE

17, Tony. I want to know if a doctor or any sort of dermatologist can determine these white bumps on the corner of my lips?

The bumps have occured 2 days after I kissed a new partner idk if it's from that but I also tried a new acne medication and wanted to know if it's a... READ MORE

On benzoyl peroxide for 9 months, lips became red sore itchy, dry & orange scabs three weeks ago. I do not apply on lips (Photo)

I really dont want to come off benzoyl peroxide, went to the doctors they dont know what it is and gave me flucoxocilin, it worked for a week and now... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of my face blemishes, mild acne, spots, pimples and whiteheads? (Photo)

It's been 3 years m suffering from this problem on my face -it's very dull, pigmented eyes and around lip area, I m fedup of the pimples m white head... READ MORE

What are these bumps and how to treat them? There are these little pimple-like bumps under my lips.

I'm not sure what they are, they're not itchy nor huge, but they're ugly and annoying and I'd like to get ris of them. They're actually pretty small... READ MORE

Could Hormones Be the Cause of my Various Skin Conditions?

Could I be 36 year old male with hormone issues? I’m curious as to whether or not hypergonadism could possibly be the culprit for the following... READ MORE

What kind of break out is this? (photo)

I have break out on the tip of my nose and above and round my lips. What are they?? READ MORE

What are these bumps around my lips, are they from acne ? (photos)

I'm currently treating it like acne it gets better from time to time but there's gazillion of these Lil white heads n they don't go away READ MORE

I have an acne problem. Is there a cure? (Photo)

From 5 years the acne start to appear around my lips and nose i use alot of midicine and creams but nothing work its disappear and then come again... READ MORE

How to get rid of HUGE dark spot really fast? (photo)

On my first day of school, I got a pimple due to extreme heat and humidity I assume. It was really red, painful and big. I tried some natural remedies... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to deal with pigmented lips and bacne spots? (photos)

I have dark lips since 12 years old and prone to skin sensitivity from a very young age too. Used to have clear yellowish complexion but it became... READ MORE

Zit above my lip is white with red around after squeezing. I think there's still sebum in it? Not sure.

So I've had this zit for a week and a little bit ago I sterilized a needle and popped it. Some sebum came out but I think there's still some left in... READ MORE

I had breakouts around my mouth and on my chin 2-3 months ago and it is still happening. How can I fix this? (Photos)

I started getting pimples on the edge of my lips. As you can see there is redness left on my lips edge which doesn't show any sign of improvement... READ MORE

How long does the peeling and Hyperpigmentation last?

So i was using aspexia and well i used alot of it and one day i just started feeling my skin start to burn and stuff and now my skin is peeling around... READ MORE

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