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Popped Zit Turned into Large, Open Pore That Hasn't Gone Away in 6 Months? (photo)

I popped a zit on my upper lip about 6 months ago. Now I have a large, open pore that I cannot minimize nor reduce the appearance of. I do my best to... READ MORE

All in One Treatment for Acne, Broken Capillaries and Large Pores?

I am looking for a facial treatment, but can not decide which would be best for my skin. I am looking for a treatment that can tone down acne lesions,... READ MORE

Why Did Tretinoin and Differin Age my Skin,though They're Supposed to Help with Aging?

Started using tretinoin 0.05 a year ago for acne.the first 2 or 3 months my skin looked great.but then a small frown line and enlarged pores appeared... READ MORE

How can I diminish my large pores? I have awful texture to my skin. I've been told I have thick skin.

Im concerned about the skin on my face even when applying foundation i can still see the large pores. I suffered from bad acne all my life now in my... READ MORE

Best Option for Acne Treatment?

I'm a 30-year-old woman, and I would like to get something done that is for acne. I had a Smoothbeam treatment 1 year ago, which seemed to help dry up... READ MORE

My skin is prone to acne and large pores. I also have a ton of blackheads. How do I fix this? (Photo)

My skin always looks very tired and I'm told I always look older. I'm 31 and hate my face. I have acne on my chest and back as well. I'm more... READ MORE

Please help me reduce my excessive pore size and sebum production?

Hi, I'm a 26 yr old female with pale, oily skin and dark hair. I have had acne since age 10, today I get less bumps but am still very oily. I like to... READ MORE

Large pores, black/white heads, discoloration, scars... Looking for suggestions to improve skin... Please help (photos)

I'm a 35 yr old black male, I haven't had clear skin since I was 14yrs old. Large pores, cystic skin runs in my family. I use to have a light... READ MORE

Acne, large pores, and very oily skin? (Photo)

I'm a 16 year old girl and I have acne that's pretty bad sometimes, a lot of large pores and incredibly oily skin. I was wondering if a dermatologist... READ MORE

Can you suggest ways to avoid and treat large pores on face?

I have more in face i hate those can u suggest some ways to avoid it and make it identical READ MORE

Large pores and uneven texture, specially on the nose, due to past acne (Photo)

Hi there, I have suffered for a long time with bad acne. It is only in the past few years that it is under control, but it has damaged my skin badly.... READ MORE

What type of treatment will help with uneven skin texture, blackheads, and large pores?

I have suffered from acne, since I was 13. Acne has taken it's toll on my skin 5 yrs later and I am currently battling problems like: enlarged pores,... READ MORE

How can I know what provokes my acne? Could it be hormonal?

I am 38 years old and my face skin has changed considerably to the bad side, pore have been getting bigger, acne and like if it was dry, without... READ MORE

Treatment for Acne Large Pores and Moles on Sensitive Skin?

I am a 21 year old female who suffered from acne since 12 years old. Fortunately, I only get small pimples here and there now but I am also left with... READ MORE

Uneven Nostril? Can Acne Scars Cause This? What Can Help with the Problem? (photo)

U see on one side of the nose, the nostril is a little bit higher that the other. But on the left side there is no like "nose fold" so it's all puff... READ MORE

Can acne scars show up later in life?

I'm 18 years old and always have had acne. Ive had acne since the 2nd grade and have been popping the zits for as long as I can remember. As of right... READ MORE

Should I wash my face every time I sweat to prevent clogged pores?

I have large pores and combination skin with adult acne. I always wash my face morning and night and I've heard that you shouldn't wash your face more... READ MORE

11th week of Epiduo and Tretinoin, and my acne is still inflamed with hyperpigmentation. What are my options? (Photo)

Please give me an answer, my acne seems to be still inflamed with hyperpigmentation. I have been using both medication for 11th week. Various open... READ MORE

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