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Hydroquinone for Dark Spots and Redness from Acne?

I have a lot of dark spots on my face from acne. Whenever I would get acne it would leave a spot. Not just certain areas, pretty much my whole face is... READ MORE

Safe to use Hydroquinone to lighten red post acne marks while currently using topical Tretinoin .025%?

I suffered from adolescent acne for 4 years. I'm now 21 and was prescribed tretinoin .025 gel which I've been using everynight for 3 months. I'm happy... READ MORE

Is it Safe to Combine Tretinoin 0.05% Cream and a Over the counter Hydroquinone Gel 2%?

Is it safe to use prescription Tretinoin 0.05% cream and a overthecounter hydroquinone gel 2% together? I am trying to lighten dark spots and rid some... READ MORE

Tretinoin, Hydroquinone, and Clindamycin Combination: Does Order Matter?

I am on these medications for severe acne. I apply all three at night, and only Hydroquinone and Clindamycin in the morning. Does the order I apply... READ MORE

Where to buy Hydroquinone 8%?

Hello I live in Montreal, Canada and I bought hydroquinone 4% at the phamarcy . It lightened a bit my dark spots turning them to brown spot but I feel... READ MORE

31 Yo with Acne and Red and Brown Pigmentation from my Old Acne. Can I Use Retin A, Hydroquinone, Finacea, and Duac? (photo)

I'm 31 year old light skin asian girl. I have some acne and red and brown pigmentation from old acne. Can I use retin a, hydroquinone, duac and... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation spots from acne on my upper back and buttocks. Should I spot treat with hydroquinone or apply all over?

I read that spot treating can create uneven skin tone in darker skinned individuals (I'm African American and medium brown/caramel). It takes me about... READ MORE

Is it safe to use aczone and hydroquinone?

I'm using aczone as an acne spot treatment. I moisture then spot treat breakouts with aczone. I have some hyperpigmentation and would like to use... READ MORE

I have dark brown post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne. I have a 4% hydroquinone cream. Can you tell me how to use it?

I wanted to know how to apply my 4% hydroquinone cream? It was prescribed to me by my dermatologists 2 months ago, but she never explained to me how... READ MORE

Swelling on my neck after tretinoin .02% & hydroquinone 4% solution. What should I use to alleviate the swelling? (Photo)

So far i have had 2 applications. after the first time i experienced no adverse side effects so i went onto using the solution on my neck 2 days after... READ MORE

Should I combine Aczone and Ziana with Hydroquinone?

I have been prescribed Aczone to use in the morning, and Aczone with Ziana at night. I have some serious scaring from previous acne and I don't think... READ MORE

When does the redness of Hydroquinone go away? How long until my skin gets used to this cream?

I just got off accutane and my face was still red around my cheeks and i had acne spots so my doctor prescribed me hydroquinone 4% to use every other... READ MORE

Is it safe to use hydroquinon 3% combined with clindamycin phosphate 1%?

I have acne and acne scars too Is it safe to use the combination READ MORE

What is the best level of SPF to use when using a combination of topical Vitamin A and Hydroquinone?

I'm currently using ZO Medical skin products suggested by my dermatologist which were meant to assist in with my adult acne and scarring.... READ MORE

I want clear (free of acne and scars) facial skin. What should I do? Which treatmemt would be best? (Photo)

Acne on face,back and chest.Most on cheeks. Used lazma cream([Fluclorolone Acetonide:0.01%w/w,Tretinoin:0.05%w/w,Hydroquinone:4%w/w])for a month... READ MORE

Can I use Epiduo and a 2% hydroquinone cream for post-acne hyperpigmentation at the same time? In what order should I do this?

I have been using Epiduo for four months along with my birth control, and my acne has significantly improved. Now, the most noticeable thing is the... READ MORE

Is it safe to steam face while using hydroquinone melanorm and tretinoin cream on face?

I have been going to a dermatologist since previous 7 months.....In the beginning, i got positive response but now i want to get rid of white head... READ MORE

Treninoin .1% and hydroquinone making my face really oily

I just started using Tretinoin .1% a week ago and Hydroquinone 4% and my skin is tolerating it well I mix together and use every night. But it's... READ MORE

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