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How do I get rid of closed comedones permanently?

I have closed comedones all over my forehead and checks and on my jawline.I have had them since I was 14 and now I'm 17.I've tried many face washes... READ MORE

Am I Allergic To Benzoyl Peroxide?

Previously, I only applied Benzoyl peroxide 2.5 pimples on my forehead. But last week i decided to apply benzoyl peroxde to my cheeks where there are... READ MORE

Little bumps on forehead...Subclinical Acne? Clogged Pores? (Photo)

I've had these bumps for many years now. I've tried everything from facewashes, exfoliating, honey, and AHA/BHA products. It is more visible in... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Acne and Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

I'm a african american who is 20 years old who still get really bad acne which follow into post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. it is all over my... READ MORE

Pimple Cortizone Injection Didn't Work?

I had a large pimple/cyst and got it injected with cortizone a week ago. The pimple is actually larger now. Since it is a week out, I know it... READ MORE

Acne on my forehead wont go away!?!? Any suggestions? (photos)

The acne on my forehead won't go awayn its been like this for around six months.Sometimes its not as red or agitated but it never fully goes away.What... READ MORE

I have subclinical acne, my forehead is completely covered in loads of small and big bumps i don't know what to put on it.

I have had this for about a month now, is there any reasons why forehead acne can just come on? What should i put on/ cleanse with? READ MORE

How do I minimise or get rid of acne (aka 'quit zits')? (Photo)

I smoked 4-10/day betweenage 16-23. About 2 weeks after quitting sore spots appeared. The clusters, mainly on my chin & cheek bones but also on my... READ MORE

Will Diferin Gel(0.1) also lighten my skin? I've been using it for 2 weeks now. (photo)

I have very oily skin and have occational break outs on my forehead and cheekbones. I also take tetralysal antibiotic ( 300mg) every second day. What... READ MORE

In order to get better results, should I use Aczone twice daily instead of once OR take the Aczone in combination with Ziana?

I have mild inflammatory acne/ comodonal acne on my forehead. In addition I get painful cystic acne on my chin. I was on Tactuo (Epiduo) for a year... READ MORE

Can I Clear My Skin Within 6 Months? How?

I am korean and have been suffering from acne for almost 8 years and i am only 18years old. As result i have acne spots but not only that but i also... READ MORE

How to get rid of comedones?

I have small comedones on my forehead and everytime i squeeze it, white hard solid white heads come out. How can i make them go away? Would apple... READ MORE

I have small colorless, painless acne on my forehead and I want to know what is it and how to get rid of it (Photo)

I have small forehead acne. I dont know what it is. The skin gets worse when i am in the sun and i so barely have any acne. This skin problem started... READ MORE

What will work best with my forehead acne? (photos)

They are rarely big and usually small. usually flesh color but sometimes red. I have used Cedaphil, ProActive, The Body Shop Tea Tree, and others but... READ MORE

I have terrible clogged pores. There is acne everywhere on my face. What can I do? (Photo)

Under my chin, I have a serious whitehead issue that would go away with any products. Around my nose, forehead, and cheeks are disgusting clogged... READ MORE

I am 74yr old female. Never had acne as a teen. Now it appears I have it.

Mainly on my temples and forehead. Also, had a couple on my neck. What can I do? The pimples have a flat whitehead or a peaked whitehead and are... READ MORE

How can I get rid of whiteheads? Will Epiduo work?

I'm 18 yrs old and went on a trip with my family to the beach. After the trip, I noticed a lot of white heads on either side of my cheeks! I make sure... READ MORE

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