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Acne Treatment: What is Acretin?

Could you please explain what Acretin is and if it's an effective treatment for acne. Also, would it help with more difficult acne, such as cystic acne? READ MORE

Is It Okay to Continue to Use Expired Differin Gel (Expired 5 Months) Cream(expired 4 Months)? (photo)

I have 2 expired tubes of Differin, 1 is cream (expired 04/12), & the other is gel (expired 03/12). They were prescribed to me around 06/10 (not... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Isotrexin (Topical Isotretinoin with Erythromycin) and Retin A?

Wich one is better fot comedones or blackheads Isotrexin sounds better but i dont now? what you reccomend Also i want to ask if smoking or some foods... READ MORE

Does Tretinoin Lose Efficacy over Time in Treating Acne?

My dermatologist started me on a regimen of doxycycline, benzaclin, and 0.05% tretinoin for my acne about 16 months ago. It worked great and I was... READ MORE

Are Higher Doses of Retinoids More Effective?

I've been using 0.05% tretinoin cream for 5 months, and my mild-moderate acne still hasn't cleared up as desired. When I asked my... READ MORE

How long until my acne will start to clear up and be completely gone? (Photo)

I am on Tazorac as my topical currently and taking Actilate as an oral, and I am washing my face with the dermatology brand face wash with all there... READ MORE

Will taking minocycline and metronidazol together effect the effectiveness of the medications?

I was prescribed minocycline for my acne prior to being prescribed metronidazol for a vaginal bacterial infection . My question is can I take the... READ MORE

Does using monodox antibiotics and yaz birth control pills at the same time effect the acne process in a bad way?

Im using the birth control pills only for my acne so does taking monodox reduce the effectiveness of my acne treatment? should i stop taking birth... READ MORE

Is Doxycycline an Effective Acne Treatment?

If so, what types of acne does this medication effectively treat? READ MORE

Sweating and acne medication?

If you've already applied your acne medication but start sweating several minutes later, did the acne medication do its job or will you have to... READ MORE

What is DUAC?

Is DUAC a type of topical acne medication? Is it a prescription drug? How effective is it? READ MORE

Is Retino AC Healthy for Skin?

I realized this product is alcohol based and my skin is left feeling dry, so will this result in aging/damaging my skin in the long run? Should I keep... READ MORE

How effective is Oratane?

Because I took it for four months and today I have small itchy pimples. Do people go back on that ? READ MORE

Does tetralysal affect my contraceptive pills's effectiveness? (photos)

I started taking tetralysal for my acne like a week ago, and 4 days ago I started taking contraceptive pills (yasminiq) for the first time. Im... READ MORE

Resistance Effect of Tretinoin for Acne Treatment?

Hello my name is Rose. Is it safe to use tretinoin 0.05% everyday? Is it possible in some uncertain time my skin become resistant to this dose and it... READ MORE

Mandelic acid effectiveness against p. acnes?

All you see online is how aha mandelic acid functions like other aha's but also has strong antibacterial effects against p. acnes inside the pore. yet... READ MORE

Saw Palmetto for acne treatment? Will it interfere with the effectiveness of my birth control?

First, will saw palmetto reduce the effectiveness of birth control? I was taking spironolactone but wanted to go the natural route. Would the... READ MORE

What is Acnex?

What is Acnex? Is it an effective topical acne treatment? If so, what type of acne will it work on? READ MORE

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