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Treatment Option for Persistent Adult Acne - Duac Alternative?

I'm 25 and never suffered acne before. 15 weeks ago, I started to break out with quite painful lumps under my skin just on my chin area.... READ MORE

Would You Recommend a Salicylate Acid Peel For A 14 Year Old?

My Daughter is 14 and Has Acne. She is currently on differin cream and an oral antibiotic. She is very active and we go from one sport to another... READ MORE

How to clear up acne on face? (Photo)

I have have acne on my face for about 3 years. I have had medication for it but it didn't work. I have an oily t-zone and dry cheeks, I think I have... READ MORE

I have a serious problem about my acne treatment. Is it normal? (Photo)

After I used my acne treatment the locacid and eclaran i noticed a severe redness in my face and also it keeps getting dry .I would like to Know if it... READ MORE

How do I get rid of acne?

Hello, the past month I have just broken out on my face, neck and shoulders which is not like me at all, I usually get the odd spot. It's not terrible... READ MORE

Why do my pimples turn very dark and dry, but do not come off? I'm a 14 year old Indian-American. Brown skinned (Photo)

Everytime I get pimples they are always around the nose area either on or to the side. I have tried clean and clear advantage spot treatment cream and... READ MORE

Benzyol Peroxide (10%) Allergic Reaction or Not?

I started applying a BP cream all over my face from over the counter a few days ago...every now and then under my chin would really itch and face was... READ MORE

Will my face be worst than before if I stopped using "curacnè" (as I was told) ?

So , I'm using "curacnè" for 45 days now and i'm planning to stop taking it. And i was told by many of my friends that if i stopped using "curacnè" b... READ MORE

Why has my acne become red to dark and dry?

I hd red acnes all over my face and after few days they became dark and spreading.I want a clear face without any mark.wht cn i do dr??plz hlp me READ MORE

My question is that I pit acne products and now my face is burned. What can I do? (photo)

I put acne products like Clearsil and my face got destroyed I need help this happened today where my face is super dry red and looks like a burn mark... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my buttock acne?

Its black n dry and the marks show really bad they been in on buttocks for 5 years now what should I do? READ MORE

Can a cosmetic mineral powder dry out my facial skin?

Hello, I was wondering if a mineral powder could be drying on skin if applied itself? I have a combination skin, acne prone on my T zone, especially... READ MORE

My forehead is covered in little red dots and sometimes raised pimples. It is dry and rough and red. What is this? (photos)

It almost looks like my pores are inflamed. It has spread from between my brows to up on my forehead. It is effecting my confidence and I can't stop... READ MORE

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