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Is It Okay to Continue to Use Expired Differin Gel (Expired 5 Months) Cream(expired 4 Months)? (photo)

I have 2 expired tubes of Differin, 1 is cream (expired 04/12), & the other is gel (expired 03/12). They were prescribed to me around 06/10 (not... READ MORE

When You Stop Solodyn or Mino(antibiotics), Does Your Acne Usually Come Back?

I have been wondering this for a while before I actually start taking something. I just want to be 100% sure before I take this pill everyday. READ MORE

What is the best way to stop taking acne antibiotics after 10+ years?

I am now 26 and have been taking bactrim for nearly 10 years. I never got perfect skin from it, but it was manageable. I recently switched to... READ MORE

Can I stop take doxy suddenly? (Photos)

Because of redness, windburn, peeling all my face, I stop using clind gel 1% & tretin cream .05% a few days. I have never serious acnes on my face... READ MORE

Should I stop using epiduo after 8 months? It is clearing my skin but causing red irritated skin

I have been using epiduo with doxcycoline tablets for my acne for over 8 months now, my skin has less pimples but is red and irritated, I want to stop... READ MORE

A Week Without Isotretinion For My Acne?

I have to take a week off from my medication as I cannot get a sooner appointment to get a prescription - It's my birthday within this week so can... READ MORE

Am I having an allergic skin reaction to the prescripted medication gel Epiduo? Discontinue the use or keep trying?

Recently started acne prescription gel Epiduo. Expected to have dryness and burning sensation. However, minor burning sensation, redness all over the... READ MORE

Will this probiotic related acne ever stop?

Hi there! About two months ago, I decided to start consuming probiotics for a healthy gut. The name was Hyperbiotics pearls. I only consumed about 5... READ MORE

Received tretinoin gel and it seems to be lightening my face, even if discontinued, will it still lighten? (photos)

Hello, I recently went to the dermatologist for acne and I received tretinoin gel 0.025%, clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide topical gel, minocycline. I... READ MORE

Should I continue with my doctor's acne treatment routine?

Hi.. i am having acne on my face. My dermatologist recomended to wash face with cetaphil cleanser followed by finecea foam and elta md sunscreen in... READ MORE

Tetracycline is Not Available at the Pharmacy. Has It Been Discontinued? Why?

During my teen yrs I used tetracycline for short periods (around that time of month when I would have breakouts I'd use it for 3-4 days and it kept my... READ MORE

Im Using Renova and Aczone for my Acne for Two Weeks Now, Should I Discontinue?

But i am noticing that my skin is getting worse. My skin is dry and I am getting bigger and deeper pimples. Should i immediately stop, or should hold... READ MORE

Should I Start Drinking Oratane Again?

My doctor prescribed Oratane 20 mg for me for 2 months, but it got worse. So he increased it to 60 mg, but while my medical aid approved the newer... READ MORE

It seems like Acdermin and oracea stopped working.

I tired alot of stuff recommeded by doc but nothing work now doc told me to use acdermin and oracea when i first apply it made my skin worse but after... READ MORE

Epiduo made my acne worse. What happens if I stop using it after 3.5 months of use?

I started using Epiduo in July (3.5 mos. ago). Before using it I had minor acne on my forehead & chin. I had normal minor side effects of dryness &... READ MORE

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