Differin + Acne Treatment

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What Are the Usual Directions for Applying Differin for Acne?

Would love to know the most common directions for applying Differin for acne. If the skin is getting irritated, should a day or two of application be... READ MORE

Differin Vs Yasmin (Yaz) for Acne Treatment?

I am 40 years old and I have battled acne all my life. I was finally prescribed Yasmin about 8 years ago and it worked great, so I believe my acne is... READ MORE

Itching and Dryness After Differin and Pevisone Acne Treatment?

I'm using Differin and Pevisone on my face, and suffer from itchiness and more pimples. Is this normal? I have dry face and a oily T-zone. I... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Continue to Use Expired Differin Gel (Expired 5 Months) Cream(expired 4 Months)? (photo)

I have 2 expired tubes of Differin, 1 is cream (expired 04/12), & the other is gel (expired 03/12). They were prescribed to me around 06/10 (not... READ MORE

Differin Gel Effective for Treating Acne a Second Time?

I had used Differin before for my acne 2 years ago. Is it effective to use it again another time? READ MORE

Why Don't Prescription Acne Treatments Work? Minocycline, Duac lotion, and Differin gel

I've consistently had mild acne for about a year, and in February my dermatologist put me on Minocycline, Duac lotion, and Differin gel. He told... READ MORE

I'm Using Clindoxyl and Differin for Acne. Can I Get Laser Hair Removal on my Face?

I'm using clindoxyl and differin for acne. Can I get laser hair removal on my face? READ MORE

How is Aczone different from antibiotics?

I'm using Differin and am looking to add in another topical to help with my remaining acne. I'm worried about using an antibiotic topical because I... READ MORE

How Strong of a Retinoid is in Differin Cream?

The Differin Cream 0.1 %, the mildest version of the 3. And can it increase the penetration of hydroquinone to produce greater lightening affects? READ MORE

Differin 0.1% During Pregnancy Okay?

I used differin 0.1% few times in my first weeks of pregnancy. Does it effect the baby? READ MORE

Will Diferin Gel(0.1) also lighten my skin? I've been using it for 2 weeks now. (photo)

I have very oily skin and have occational break outs on my forehead and cheekbones. I also take tetralysal antibiotic ( 300mg) every second day. What... READ MORE

Terrible Break out with Retin-a 0.1 % Normal (photo)?

I have been using Differin 0.3% for 5 years. Overall my T-zone acne went from being moderate to pretty mild. Recently, though, I noticed a few more... READ MORE

Differin and Antibiotic for Acne?

I have been taking a antibiotic twice a day for about a month and have my acne 85% clear now. I also just got Differin .03 which I was on before... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Use Differin Gel 1 As a Teen with Clogged Pores and Some Pimples but with No Acne?

I am 15 and I ve been using it for almost a week and some pimples have been popping out .I know it s normal but should I really go trough all the... READ MORE

I've Been on Differin for 17 Weeks and I Don't Have Any Improvement? (photo)

I get blackheads and cysts all over my face. When I put on makeup to cover all the scars you can see around the cysts and all along my cheeks are a... READ MORE

Large Deep Oily Blackheads on Face, Using Differing Gel, Not Working, Tried All over Counter Product?

Deep large oily blackheads very dry flaky cheeks, why? I have millions of large blackheads on tzone with dry sensitive skin on cheeks, all products I... READ MORE

24/F, What to Do when Acne is Not Going Away?

I started having bad acne 1 year ago right after I got a chemical peel that burned my face. I tried natural masks and jojoba and castor oil because I... READ MORE

What kind of acne is mine? (Photo)

I've been using Tretinoin Gel for 4months and Face got worse, and then I got switched to differin gel and have been using it for about 3 weeks, and... READ MORE

differin for closed comedones? Or laser?

After three shots of kenalog, spaced a month apart i developed a case of adult acne (i am 40). i have closed comedones on my cheeks and chin and... READ MORE

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