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Is It Better to Drain an Acne Cyst or Do a Cortisone Injection to Reduce Skin Atrophy/scarring?

I've had successful cortisone shots from my dermatologist before, but when visiting my plastic surgeon, with a large cyst, he insisted on trying to... READ MORE

What Type of Cortisone is Used for Acne and What Dosage is Correct?

I was just curious about the type and dose on injectable cortisone for acne cysts. Are they're different types? How much is used and how is diluted? READ MORE

How can I help reverse recent cortisone injection induced skin atrophy or hasten recovery? (photo)

I recently had three pimples on my neck injected with what the dermatologist who performed the procedure assures me was a lose dose (3mg/cc. 0.2 cc... READ MORE

How Often Does Atrophy Occur in the Skin After a Cortisone Injection?

I have a couple acne cysts on my face that have been there for months. I want to have them injected but have heard horror stories of atrophy and... READ MORE

Is There Any Dermatologist in Ottawa, Ontario That Can Give Me a Cortisone Shot for my Cystic Acne?

I have been desperately looking for a dermatologist to give me a cortisone shot for my cyst. It is huge and painful and it is not going away! Why is... READ MORE

Pulse Dye Laser and Cortisone Injection Combined, is This Okay?

Hi, I have an acne cyst that I treated with pulse dye laser a couple days ago and It is pretty swollen. I am wondering if I can get a... READ MORE

I'm experiencing dermal atrophy from cortisone injections. I received for pimples on my neck over 10 months ago. Any suggestion?

For awhile, the skin seemed to be restoring itself but as of late, it seems that it has stopped getting better or is even starting to sink back in.... READ MORE

Cortisone injection for acne nodule but bump still there. Breastfeeding & unable to use normal acne medication. What can I do?

Over a week ago, I developed a painful nodule on the tip of my nose. About four days later, I saw the dermatologist. She gave an injection to help. It... READ MORE

How often does cortizone shots cause atrophy! Just went to the dermatologist for the first time in years. He injected 3 pimples

I went to maintain my acne but as soon as he saw me he saw a huge cystic pimple on my face and was like, "What is that!?" And I said I didnt know I've... READ MORE

If I have a cortisone injection for an acne spot, can it cause a depression or atrophy?

Hi, I know that after getting a cortisone injection for an acne pimple or cyst it can cause a "depression" or atrophy. How long after the cortisone... READ MORE

How safe are Cortisone injection?

I have these 3 'special' acne on my face. They are Persistent (since 1 year). Generally flat (3mm x 1mm) and painless but some times get inflamed... READ MORE

Had cortisone injection for pimple (not sure if it was cystic or not). Will this dent ever go? (Photo)

Hi everyone I had a cortisone injection 3 weeks ago and the pimple went flat within 24 hours. Now, however, I am left with a red dent that seems... READ MORE

Pitt mark caused by acne cortisone shot. Any suggestions?

I had a cortisone shot for a zit I had on my check about 3 weeks ago. A week after I got it the skin indented in and has discoloration and has since... READ MORE

Does saline infiltration (saline injections) work to resolve cortisone induced skin atrophy? (Photo)

I have been experiencing skin atrophy on my neck for over 3 months due to a cortisone injection into a pimple. Are there any side effects of saline... READ MORE

Can I reverse the cortisone injection of my atrophy on my face? (photos)

I had pretty bad cystic acne. During my month waiting peroid to start Accutane I asked my Derm to take care of really painful cysts with cortisone. I... READ MORE

I am wondering how many cortisone shots in one acne cyst is advisable? When should I ask for drainage/antibiotics?

I am 14 weeks pregnant. Before I became pregnant I had a normal sized pimple on my cheek that I accidentally scratched hard during the night. It... READ MORE

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