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Can Zeno, Retin-A and Salicylic Acid Be Used Together?

I'm 28 y.o. and my face started breaking out about 3 months ago. My doctor prescribed Retin-A and said that Salicylic Acid could help as well. Is it... READ MORE

Safe to use Hydroquinone to lighten red post acne marks while currently using topical Tretinoin .025%?

I suffered from adolescent acne for 4 years. I'm now 21 and was prescribed tretinoin .025 gel which I've been using everynight for 3 months. I'm happy... READ MORE

Is it Safe to Combine Tretinoin 0.05% Cream and a Over the counter Hydroquinone Gel 2%?

Is it safe to use prescription Tretinoin 0.05% cream and a overthecounter hydroquinone gel 2% together? I am trying to lighten dark spots and rid some... READ MORE

What Acne Medications Are Safe Prior to Laser Treatment?

What acne medications can I use the week prior to laser treatment? My face is extremely acne-prone, and I basically have to use acne meds at all times... READ MORE

In order to get better results, should I use Aczone twice daily instead of once OR take the Aczone in combination with Ziana?

I have mild inflammatory acne/ comodonal acne on my forehead. In addition I get painful cystic acne on my chin. I was on Tactuo (Epiduo) for a year... READ MORE

What Acne Treatments Are Available for Kidney Transplantee?

Treatments for acne with kidney transplant. I have had acne for 9 years, and I use lot of treatments. However, I also had a kidney transplant a year... READ MORE

Is it right to see an increase in laughing lines after use of Tracnesan? (Tretinoin 0.05%)

I had mild acne, and my skin doctor prescribed me Tracnesan Cream 0.05%, thrice weekly. The acne is almost gone and my skin condition has improved,... READ MORE

Correct Treatment for my Acne?

Hi, I'm a South Asian female with acne. I have mild acne but I don't get several spots at one time--only a few spots. However, these few spots have... READ MORE

Will taking minocycline and metronidazol together effect the effectiveness of the medications?

I was prescribed minocycline for my acne prior to being prescribed metronidazol for a vaginal bacterial infection . My question is can I take the... READ MORE

Should I combine Aczone and Ziana with Hydroquinone?

I have been prescribed Aczone to use in the morning, and Aczone with Ziana at night. I have some serious scaring from previous acne and I don't think... READ MORE

Is this the right treatment for my acne? (Photo)

Hi there, I am seeking a dermatologist assistance here.... I am using clindapene gel twice in a day i.e morning after face wash and before going to... READ MORE

How to use epiduo forte and clindamycin topical gel together?

Hello, I have been prescribed both clindamycin and epiduo forte for my acne. I have a combo of small conjested pores and bigger pimples. What's the... READ MORE

Is it safe to use hydroquinon 3% combined with clindamycin phosphate 1%?

I have acne and acne scars too Is it safe to use the combination READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Acne While Taking Tetralysal?

My doctor in the U.K. prescribed tetralysal and finacea 15%. I have been suffering acne for 10 years. I am thinking about taking a laser treatment... READ MORE

Thermascan 1319 Safe After Accutane and Effective for Oily, Acne Skin?

I am a 42 yo cauc fem with hormonal acne. I discontinued a 4 month course of generic Accutane(Claravis) in Aug due to increased cholesterol and hair... READ MORE

Can I Use Retin-a and Fucidine Which is ( Fusidic Acid Antibiotic ) Together?

So I have mild acne never come to a head but they hurt alot .. The doctor told me to mix retin-A and fusidic acid together and apply it at night ..... READ MORE

Is Qlaira Ok when Taking Oratane?

I have been suffereing of acne forever. And last year I already had Oratane for 10 months (20mg) 5 months after my doctor gave it to me again, now... READ MORE

Should I wash my face every time I sweat to prevent clogged pores?

I have large pores and combination skin with adult acne. I always wash my face morning and night and I've heard that you shouldn't wash your face more... READ MORE

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