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My daughter is 10 and has acne, what can she use to cleanse and moisturize, to help stop the acne?

She's not menstrating there but it's going to happen soon it's affecting her self-confidence she already feels awkward about her height and weight 5'4... READ MORE

I have subclinical acne, my forehead is completely covered in loads of small and big bumps i don't know what to put on it.

I have had this for about a month now, is there any reasons why forehead acne can just come on? What should i put on/ cleanse with? READ MORE

Acne won't go away, tried everything. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello i am not sure what type of acne i have. ever since 2013 it has randomly appeared on my skin, before that i had the most perfect skin and used to... READ MORE

How to get rid of my acne? (Photos)

I have tried basically everything to get rid of the acne on my cheeks/butt/lower back and nothing seems to work. I'm currently using a benzoyl... READ MORE

What are these white bumps all over the centre of my forehead? How do I get rid of them? (photos)

They're been around a while, I've tried double cleansing, I even tried nizoral shampoo which helped a bit(it just didn't ideal). These bumps looks... READ MORE

How to get rid of dark marks caused by acne and deep clean pores? (photo)

I have tons of dark marks caused by acne that have been prevelant on my skin for nearly a year. I've tried dermarolling, vitamin e oil, exfoliating,... READ MORE

How normally long it takes for a purging stage and is ocm a recommended natural cleansing step?

I hv a oily acne prone skin and currently trying the oil cleansing method, using a mixture of 2:1 castor oil olive oil. but after using in a couple... READ MORE

Deep blackheads on nose. (photo)

I have blackheads on nose . A new blackhead appears appear after some days. They all are very deep. I tried streaming, scrubbing, cleansing but... READ MORE

What are these skin colored bumps on my face? (photos)

 they are all over my cheeks and I cannot seem to get rid of them. The bumps never fill up with puss. They are small and cover the outsides of my... READ MORE

Just wondering what the best face wash for acne prone skin is?

 What will completely cleanse prose and prevent breakouts. READ MORE

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