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Acne won't go away, tried everything. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello i am not sure what type of acne i have. ever since 2013 it has randomly appeared on my skin, before that i had the most perfect skin and used to... READ MORE

What to do next? (Photo)

I have a chemical burn to an acne cream I used on a pimple early January which caused me to have a raised scar, it bothered me so much I decided to... READ MORE

Which is Better for Removal of Acne, Acne Scars and Uneven Skin Tone, Laser or Chemical Peel?

My skin is very bad I have pores, some small acnes ,acne scars and very wide dark circles . I really need a fast and effective way to fix my skin... READ MORE

Acne Lamp & Chemical Peels?

I currently use the dr.kern blue/red light lamp for acne. I would like to start chemically peeling my skin with dr.brandt laser-a-peel system. Will... READ MORE

What do I do about acne marks on my face? (Photo)

I've had acne for almost 2 years now. Right now my face has a lot of red marks left over from acne. I am so sick of them. What can I do to solve this?... READ MORE

What is the best laser treatment or chemical peel type for acne? (photos)

I have acne all over my face but the bumps are not huge they are small but scattered all over my forehead and sides of my face. THey won't go away.... READ MORE

Acne treatment/procedures: what options do I have if it's not severe enough for Accutane? (photos)

What can I do if it's not "severe" enough for accutane? Does laser work on active acne or only scars? Chemical peels? READ MORE

How would you go about treating a large open cystic acne wound plus chemical burn? No doctor will see me for 4+ weeks (Photo)

Got cystic zit after ingesting biotin. It got bigger and more painful over the course of 2-3 days. To dry it I did a clay mask of apple cider vinegar... READ MORE

Acne & pimples at age of 30, what can I do?

I am 30yrs old married female having serious acne problem in face since last 3yrs. My last dermatologist has suggested aldactron with 5-6 sessions of... READ MORE

How do get rid of acne breakouts?

I know it's the most difficult question that many till this day cannot answer. I've tried pretty much everything except for deeper chemical peels and... READ MORE

To what extent is diet responsible for adult cystic acne? Also, what kind of chemical peel do you recommend as a starting tx?

In the last five weeks, I have developed the most severe acne of my adult life (I am 41 years old). Because I have GI issues, I eat a relatively... READ MORE

Pimple burned after applying too much chemical on it. Help pls!!! (photos)

Hello! I badly need help. I applied an acne thereapy solution from my derma(this worked for me for a couple if years and cleared my pimples.) But THIS... READ MORE


Hi,(42 kgs/female/33 years old/No history of keloids) have medium acne scarring all atrophic type.As a maintenance dose I got isotretinoin 20 mg every... READ MORE

I DO NOT feel burning sensation when using Epiduo and I'm starting to think it does not work. Are the chemicals reacting or not?

I have been using epiduo over 5 weeks and my acne is way worse. I have way more breakouts, acne scars, and dried skins. One thing that was uanimous... READ MORE

I suffer from acne for last 5 months. My diagnosis was acne vulgaris and acne comedon. What should I do? (photos)

I m 24 yrs old married lady..nd medical student.My treatmnt was azithromycin 500 mg 3 days /week nd an oinment(clindamycin phosphste1.2%+tretinoin... READ MORE

I'm 25 years old male hairdresser, and I've developed acne on my hands. Is it related to chemicals I use at work? (Photo)

Recently, changed my work location to one Scandinavian country, where I started to work in my occupation and haircut, i was shocked that my hands got... READ MORE

What types of treatment would be best to remove my acne? I have extremely oily and sensitive skin. (Photo)

I had a chemical peel and microdermabrasion before and I have not seen any change in my skin. I have also used various products that contain benzoyl... READ MORE

Acne Scar Treatment Risks?

What are the some of the risks (if any) of treating Acne Scars? Using the different Lasers (Co2 Laser in particular) and Chemical Peels? How can these... READ MORE

I got red bums some with white heads some dont have. Just bums and red pls help me.what should i do. (photos)

Got red bums some with white heads some dont have. Just bums and red..i have open pores since i used peeling chemical and the result was just fine.but... READ MORE

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