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Popped Zit Turned into Large, Open Pore That Hasn't Gone Away in 6 Months? (photo)

I popped a zit on my upper lip about 6 months ago. Now I have a large, open pore that I cannot minimize nor reduce the appearance of. I do my best to... READ MORE

Can Certain Foods Make You Break Out?

Is it a myth that certain foods will cause acne break outs such as chocolate or greasy fastfood? READ MORE

What Causes Adult Acne Breakouts?

My dermotologist cannot give me an answer to why I started acne at age 19 and since. I have a very light complexion. Never, not even as a teenager,... READ MORE

My Skin Started to Peel Due to Acne Treatments. Why?

I had very bad acne on my cheeks when I was younger. When I put on a acne treatment, I felt a burning sensation on my skin. I put water on it so it... READ MORE

I Have Been Getting Large Deep Cyst Like Pimples That Erupt and Leaves Holes On My Face After Draining?

Help… I have been getting large deep cyst like pimples that erupt and leave an actual hole in my face after draining, it’s awful and at... READ MORE

51 Year Old Male Suddenly Experiencing Acne. What's The Cause? Treatment Options?

Recently I have been experiencing an increase in acne. I am a 51 year old male and it seems to be getting worse rather than better. Never had major... READ MORE

What are these tiny bumps along my hairline? Is it acne? (Photo)

Over the past week or two I've developed small red bumps right along my hairline, not itchy or dry just like little white heads with nothing in them,... READ MORE

Treatment That Will Rid Infinite Micro Bumps on Face?

Are these small bumps acne or pimples? They are very small and do not show in all mirrors I look in. They do show very well in my car mirror but not... READ MORE

Kidney infection causing breakout?

I recently got diagnosed with a kidney infection. I am also suffering from a very bad break out at the moment, my skin has always been very clear and... READ MORE

Why Did Tretinoin and Differin Age my Skin,though They're Supposed to Help with Aging?

Started using tretinoin 0.05 a year ago for acne.the first 2 or 3 months my skin looked great.but then a small frown line and enlarged pores appeared... READ MORE

I have small colorless, painless acne on my forehead and I want to know what is it and how to get rid of it (Photo)

I have small forehead acne. I dont know what it is. The skin gets worse when i am in the sun and i so barely have any acne. This skin problem started... READ MORE

Aczone plus topical vitamin c causing orange skin. Why is this?

I use aczone and I use skinceuticals c 10 serum . The serum is champagne yellow which is normal . Have a couple of hours with both on . The... READ MORE

Acne Caused by Stress?

Can acne be caused by stress? I have acne that has started coming in on my back and cheek bones, and I am not sure why. I do not eat a lot of... READ MORE

Can Differin Gel 0.1% Cause Birth Defects?

Is there any concern of this acne topical causing birth defects if used before or while pregnant? If so, how long should one stop using this topical... READ MORE

Will the pigmentation from medlite C6 go away? It has been over 8 months. Why did this happen? (Photo)

I had the medlite C6 laser for acne spots done to my face in October and November of is now end of August 2014 and I have pigmentation... READ MORE

What Causes Acne?

What causes acne? Are there different causes for different types of acne, like blackheads and regular pimples? READ MORE

Could acne excoriee be associated with adult ADHD?

I suffer from acne excoriee. After research and trying every facewash on the market, I found a.e. and realized that's my problem. The pictures are... READ MORE

Developed Acne After Chemical Peels and IPL. What Are My Treatment Options?

I have been doing chemical peels of 20% and one beta peel of 15 % and have done three IPL lasers in between them over a four month period. I have... READ MORE

Does Adderall Cause Acne?

Within the past year I have been diagnosed with adult ADHD. For this, I was prescribed 20MG of Adderall daily. After using the medication for over 6... READ MORE

I Have Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, Not PCOS, Could my Acne Be from That? How Can I Make It Go Away?

My acne is killing me I need it to go away really soon. Story of my life 4 months prior to starting amenorrhea and acne. I ate 4-5 bowls of cereal in... READ MORE

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