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How to Treat Butt Pimples?

Hello,i'm 20(India).I'm suffering from pimples on my butt for several years goes off in 2-3 days,wit few small bumps,1or2 become big... READ MORE

Treatment for Acne on Thighs and Buttocks

I am a 42 year old woman with fair skin and red hair. For the past 10 years or so, I have had embarrassing pimples and spots on my thighs and bum... READ MORE

Best Solution for Butt Acne?

Since I was a teenager, I've had lots of acne on my butt. I drink lots of water, eat healthy, bathe frequently, change my clothes and sheets, don't... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Acne on Back and Buttocks?

What would you do about this type of acne on the back and buttocks? I've tried topical and oral antibiotics, but nothing seems to work (Creases in the... READ MORE

Butt Acne Clearing Lotion Worked for my Butt Breakouts. Why?

I am curious why doctors always go straight to antibiotics for butt breakouts? I don't just want to take antibiotics for every little thing I get. I... READ MORE

How do I get rid of my acne on my butt? It's embarrassing and leaving horrible dark spots. (photos)

I don't have acne anyplace else on my body beside my buttom. It's embarrassing that's why I never went to a doctor for it just thinking it would go... READ MORE

Best and Cheapest Way to Remove Butt Acne?

What is the best and cheapest way to get rid of acne in the buttocks? I've started using a benzoyl peroxide but I have seen minimal improvement.... READ MORE

Acne on Buttocks. Have it On My Arms and Thighs Also?

Other posts similar to this one say it could be Folliculitis, but wouldn't it be fair to say that if it were in fact a Staff infection that it would... READ MORE

I Have Had Chronic Folliculitis on my Butt for 8 Years and Nothing Works!?

It started when I was 8 and now I'm 16 I have been to multiple dermatologists. I have been prescribed everything under the sun. Antifungals,... READ MORE

Acne on Buttocks, Face and Shoulders

My buttocks are in black colour, rest of the body is problem is ,acne on buttocks are troubling me, im 23 female. besides this i have... READ MORE

How can I treat butt acne and dark parts? (Photo)

I'm a 22 years old female and i've been having this breakout problem on my butt for the past 10 years, as you can see my entire butt hast pimples,... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of my Butt Acne?

I am 23 with ance peoblems for over 6 years.due to the bumps on my butt it has a darker color than my body. Due to this I am very self conscious... READ MORE

Acne on my butt, back, chest and all over the body. (photo)

Acne very big getting old on my butt and back chest. It's big and hard what is the best treatment to be done READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation spots from acne on my upper back and buttocks. Should I spot treat with hydroquinone or apply all over?

I read that spot treating can create uneven skin tone in darker skinned individuals (I'm African American and medium brown/caramel). It takes me about... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the acne on my butt? (Photo)

It bother cant it at times it looks bad doesnt feel good READ MORE

Treatment for pimples?

Last one year, I started getting red and itchy pimples on my thighs and buttocks area, that contain pus. It grows big and more painful everyday. After... READ MORE

Is this regular acne? Fungal infection? Rosacea?

I've been breaking out pretty badly for the last couple of years on the sides of my face and it's gotten worse. It has spread some. It also can get... READ MORE

I have been breaking out on my butt for a while, and on the back of my thighs and under my butt cheeks. What can I do?

I have been braking out on my butt for awhile now. I dont know what to use or do. Its also on the back of my thighs and under my butt cheeks. I also... READ MORE

I have butt acne and skin is also dark. How do I go about healing it?

I suffer from butt acne and due to it the acne has left marks and also caused darkening of skin I want to lighten the skin and get rid of the marks... READ MORE

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