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Why am I suddenly oily and breaking out?

I am 22, female, I've had dry skin and scalp my entire life, I would have to slather thick moisturizers to keep my face from looking dry, and my hair... READ MORE

Is Doxycycline supposed to make you break out in the first week?

I have been on doxycycline for about 4 days now and my skin has broken out a lot more than it usually does, could I be allergic to it or is this just... READ MORE

Why Would Doxycycline Cause an Initial Breakout?

I would like to know why would an antibiotic cause an initial acne breakout? READ MORE

65 year old female with acne. What can I do to clear it? (photo)

I have recently in the last few weeks started braking out in spots all over my face. I have tried lots of ointments and washers, to no avail. I am 65... READ MORE

How Effective is Obagi Nu Derm on Acne?

I have been using Obagi nu-derm for almost 3 months now. I have noticed a smoother, tighter skin appearance, but the breakouts are still bad and I... READ MORE

Why do I always breakout after micro needling?

I'm 44 yo with otherwise very clear combination skin in great condition. I micro needle at home every 4-5 weeks with a 1mm roller following every... READ MORE

Is it normal for skin to break out one month after starting Spironolactone?

I was on Spiro for years with good results, but went off it 7 months ago. Recently the break outs started again (I'm in my mid-30s so this is... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a purge period when starting spironolactone for acne?

I was prescribed 50mg spironolactone once daily about a month ago for acne. For the last couple weeks, my face has been breaking out like crazy. I'm... READ MORE

I want to stop using Epiduo, but am worried about breaking out after stopping it.

I've been using Epiduo for 4 months and like it but I want to stop using so many prescriptions. However I am worried that I will break out badly if I... READ MORE

Can I stop using epiduo or will I break out?

I've been going to a dermatologist for about 3 years now (I'm 19 now). I used to have moderate acne, but after trying a bunch of products I finally... READ MORE

Kidney infection causing breakout?

I recently got diagnosed with a kidney infection. I am also suffering from a very bad break out at the moment, my skin has always been very clear and... READ MORE

Treatment Options For Severe and Persistent Acne/Allergy Breakouts in an Adult (photo)

I've always had perfect clear skin up until 4 years ago when this started. Appear on my face (mostly on the right side) and my chest. Looks very... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for Hypothyrodism hormonal acne? Is it accutane or BCP/spiro? (photos)

I'm a 26yr old F. I have PCOS & hormonal acne. 1yr ago I took diane 35 and aldactone for 6 months, skin was awsome. After 5 months my face started to... READ MORE

How can I treat butt acne and dark parts? (Photo)

I'm a 22 years old female and i've been having this breakout problem on my butt for the past 10 years, as you can see my entire butt hast pimples,... READ MORE

How Can I Stop my Recent Acne Breakout? I Want To Prevent Scarring. (photo)

I had acne when I was 15 and it left some scaring on the side of my face, but never had I gotten acne on my cheeks. I went to sleep one night and the... READ MORE

How can I diminish my large pores? I have awful texture to my skin. I've been told I have thick skin.

Im concerned about the skin on my face even when applying foundation i can still see the large pores. I suffered from bad acne all my life now in my... READ MORE

How will Tretinoin affect my skin in 7 weeks?

I am getting married on Sept 27 and it is now Aug 5th. I was just prescribed Tretinoin 0.025% and am going to begin using it tonight, to clear up some... READ MORE

Can Glucosamine cause acne breakout?

I have started taking a vitamin for joints and after a couple of weeks i noticed that my face starts to break out. the vitamin contains the following... READ MORE

How should I get rid of breakouts? I'm using oratane (20mg) right now but nothing I have tried is working. (Photo)

I am 20years old, weighing 48kg. I have acne since I was 15. I have tried many creams and antibiotics but nothing worked. I just started my oratane... READ MORE

I am nearing 50 & breaking out with these clear liquid bumps on my face. Why is this happening & how can I treat it?

These bumps become very painful!!! If I go to release the pressure it becomes this huge inflamed area. Please help!!! READ MORE

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