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What's the Best Acne Treatment?

My Proactiv acne routine isn't working well enough for acne.  My acne is pretty bad and painful.  Are there acne treatments that are best to... READ MORE

Obagi Nightmare?

Help! i normally use benzaclin and had a small blemish on my nose. my wife gave me some of her obagi c-20 serum to clear it up. stopped after a week,... READ MORE

Why do I get acne on one side of my face? And how can I avoid it? (Photo)

I never used to get acne like i do today not even as a teenager. I started getting blemish around my mid 20s i am now 21 but next month I'll be 22 and... READ MORE

I'm trying to conceive and so would like know some safe ointments/gels for my acne /blemishes as visible in the pic. (photo)

I'm also looking for some fairness ointments/lotions which is safe for me as ok trying to conceive. I have tried many products all in vain. Please help ! READ MORE

How can I treat my reddish acne blemishes? Or do I have discoloration and pigmentation scarring? (Photo)

When i was 16,i faced with acne problem and then i used accutane for 5 months. This pill really helped me to get rid of my acnes but normally i... READ MORE

Please suggest me any face soap and ointments?

I am 21years old i have oily acne prone and sensitive skin i have lots of pimples,whiteheads and blemishes READ MORE

How long will it take to recover from topical steroid induced acne? (Two weeks of elocon 0.1% on face).

Was prescribed corticosteroid (eloclon 0.1%) by pharmacists for sun allergy which it cleared but had horrible acne reaction after about 4 days.... READ MORE

Red itchy blemishes on skin some healed and some spreading (photo)

I want to know what this is on my skin I haven't noticed this until about 2 weeks ago when I started working out I was using hydrocortisone cream but... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of black spots, blemishes and pimples, more like acne? (Photo)

I have acne and jus 3 years back it disappeared and my skin became clear..Recently it popped up and have very disgusting itchy dark spots,blemishes... READ MORE

Can Tretinoin Gel (0.05%) be used on healthy/normal skin?

Over the summer, I broke out with acne for the first time. After a few weeks on clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide, nearly all the spots are clear. Now... READ MORE

What is wrong with my forehead?! (photos)

-the skin on my forehead is the only blemished part of my face -more specifically the left forehead - is it folliculitis because the "acne" there is... READ MORE

Can my blemishes be removed?

My skin is packed with blemishes and I worry about it I always have to use a face wash to make sure the dont come back READ MORE

How to fix terrible blemishes on cheeks? (photos)

I have strange blemishes that appear on my cheeks, mainly one of them. They are not exactly acne or blackheads. The blemish is not very noticeable but... READ MORE

Pimples and red blemishes on nose. (photo)

I have had multiple pimples on my nose within the last 5 months, at first i thought it would go away over time but it has not budged. Anyone any idea... READ MORE

Treatment for Acne Large Pores and Moles on Sensitive Skin?

I am a 21 year old female who suffered from acne since 12 years old. Fortunately, I only get small pimples here and there now but I am also left with... READ MORE

My face got burnt after using SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Cleansing (Photo)

So I've been using this cream recommended from a doctor but I don't know if it's supposed to make most of my face looked like is got a sunburn most of... READ MORE

After facial paralysis 2 years back my skin has serious acne disorder. What's the best treatment?

Consequently resulting i acne scars, pigmentation, blemishes. complexion is fading out. i have tried Hi-tone cream and medicine given by doctor once i... READ MORE

What are the reasons of vetoing pimples in one area of the face only?

I'm 27 years old adult, it's been a few months i started to get these very tiny pimple which has no colour on my upper cheek area and then they turn... READ MORE

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