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I Am Pregnant. What Can I Use As an Alternative to Retin A or Differin for my Acne?

My main issue is with skin texture and acne. I get comedones (white heads) and build up on my skin, which causes further breakouts. Most over the... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation from Acne on Face, Back and Chest. What To Do?

Hi so ive suffered from acne since i was a teen im now 21. my doctor has gotten my acne under control now but i have so much dark spots all over my... READ MORE

My Sons Acne Seems to Getting Worse 3 Months Into Accutane. Are There Other Options?

My son has been on Accutane now fore almost 3 months.. seems to be getting worse..More acne seems to appear each day..He is 130pds and on 40mg each... READ MORE

I Have Been Getting Large Deep Cyst Like Pimples That Erupt and Leaves Holes On My Face After Draining?

Help… I have been getting large deep cyst like pimples that erupt and leave an actual hole in my face after draining, it’s awful and at... READ MORE

Pimple Cortizone Injection Didn't Work?

I had a large pimple/cyst and got it injected with cortizone a week ago. The pimple is actually larger now. Since it is a week out, I know it... READ MORE

Hello I Am Using Ziana Gel, It Has Been 3 Weeks and Im Still Breaking out with Little Pimples. Is Tretinoin Effective for Acne?

1.) I am using ziana gel, it has been 3 weeks and i am still experiencing my initial breakout when will this stop. 2.) is it OK to use when popped... READ MORE

Inexpensive Alternatives to Glycolic Peel for Acne?

I have pretty bad acne and used to get Glycolic Peels every 2 months and it totally cleared up my face. Because of money, I couldnt continue, so the... READ MORE

What Are Some Good Alternatives to Retinoids During Pregnancy?

What are some good alternatives to retinoids during pregnancy and what happens to your skin when you stop using them? I have been using Differin for... READ MORE

Is there another option besides Spironolactone for hormonal acne?

I was prescribed spironolactone (50mg) for my acne? I get very drowsy and unsteady with this medication. (Like I am in the twilight zone) I have heard... READ MORE

How to Cure my Acne? I've Tried So Many Treatments With No Luck. (photo)

I have my acne for about more than four years all over my face and forehead. I have tried all kinds of medication like homeopathy, general... READ MORE

How do I treat blind pimples and stop them from recurring?

I have been getting recurrent blind pimples on my cheeks for the past month. Background: I'm 30, black female. I've had hyperpigmentation, moderate -... READ MORE

Acne at 34. What are my options?

Pusslike pimples cheeks, hairline and bad on neck under ears. I get cold sores too and seem similar. Idk they're itchy too and im so dry. Was on... READ MORE

What is the most gentle NON RETINOID treatment for mild acne?

What is the most gentle/least irritating/light exfoliation NON RETINOID spot treatment for mild acne (White heads on forehead & nose.... READ MORE

What Should I Try Now?

I am a 30 year old female that has been batteling acne since the birth of my daughter 10 years ago. I have spent thousands of $ on dermatologists..... READ MORE

Can tretiva cause sudden weight gain? Is it a very harmful medicine?

I have been taking tretiva from the past two months to treat my acne. It has helped me greatly and my acne is gone but I have started gaining weight... READ MORE

Im Using Renova and Aczone for my Acne for Two Weeks Now, Should I Discontinue?

But i am noticing that my skin is getting worse. My skin is dry and I am getting bigger and deeper pimples. Should i immediately stop, or should hold... READ MORE

Decades of Hormonal Acne and the Cysts Also Come Back in the Same Place; is Surgical Removal of Repeat Cysts an Option?

I've had hormonal cystic acne for 15 yrs;I'm 26 now.The cysts always come back in the same locations, esp. during my period. Been on Monodox for 3 or... READ MORE

How do I get rid of closed comedones without going through any purging phase?

I have been on Nimegan awhile back and it gave me flawless skin however each time i stopped taking the pills, my closed comedones and acne starts... READ MORE

I wake up every morning with 8-10 tiny pimples on my face. How can I cure it? (Photo)

I have acne for more than 15 years.I m 32now.have tried several tropical treatments but all are temporary. Acne comes back after few months of... READ MORE

I have cystic acne on my jaw and chin. What's the best treatment? (Photo)

Currently take spirolactone, tazorac on occasion, epidou, onexton. I don't know what to do. Been taking Spiro since February. It jumps into clusters... READ MORE

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