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Acne Blemishes on Buttocks

I'm an African American female with embrassing acne blemishes on my butt? How do I get rid of them? Some are deep and others are not? I've... READ MORE

Topical Medications for Acne Scars?

Good Day, Aside Form Retin-a, What Other Topical Medications Can Eliminate Acne Scars (Box and Ice-pick Scars)? READ MORE

Are there topical treatments to get rid of acne scars? At least to fade them away?

As I say this I mean I have normal scars, red/pink in color, not deep. Nothing I have used has gotten rid of them but I don't want laser treatment, or... READ MORE

What type of treatment is best for icepick scars? Tried topicals, TCA and derma roller without improvement. (photos)

I have done research much about treatments for these type of scars and it seems that excision is what is recommended although with some cases making... READ MORE

Acne scars or hyperpigmentation? (Photos)

I've been suffering with problematic skin since I was 12, I am currently 23. I've tried pretty much most of the prescribed topical creams and lotions... READ MORE

Two year old acne hyperpigmentation. (photos)

I have hyper-pigmentation for almost two years and it lightened just a little bit.Can you please suggest some topical creams for that and also would... READ MORE

Need help lightening my blemishes from acne scars. African American dark complexion and easily hyperpigmented skin. (Photos)

I wrote on here a few months about my skin. I had a really bad break out that left me with cyst bumps and the topical cream my derm prescribed for... READ MORE

Best surgical & topical solutions to alleviate these acne scars? (photo)

Hello doctors, I'm a 23 old male who has suffered from cystic acne during his teenage years. Unfortunately, this acne has left the scarring that you... READ MORE

I'm 25 years old. I had a severe acne problem during my teenage years. Now left with all these acne scars. (Photo)

I know i would still need to do some procedures to reduce the appearance, but can i use some tropical agents or supplements to reduce it as well?... READ MORE

Most effective topical collagen production and best anti-aging agent also for pitted acne scars, big pores, dark marks.

Looking topical only, please suggest me top 2 or top 3 out of : Retinoids (Tretinoin 0.1% already using from 10 years but not got any major benefit),... READ MORE

I have depressed acne scars on my chest. What should I do? (Photo)

They've been there for about 13 years. I went to a dermatologist and he didn't know what to do. So I decided to get laser work done, but I feel it... READ MORE

I got mild acne pits, how can treat them with any medication or topical method? (photo)

Now m using deriva bop with sulfer lotion but at morning my pits look small but in night it looks like it has got back to normal, what to do? READ MORE

How to lighten hyperpigmentation left by acne while still using benzoyl peroxide to control acne.

Hello. I’m a 31-year old brown Asian female with acne-prone skin since I was a teenager. The only thing that helped me and is continually helping me p... READ MORE

Skin problem on my face, what are my treatment options? (Photo)

Hi. I'm attaching a picture of my cheek. Does anyone know what it is and how to get rid of those red spots etc? Really want a clear skin. I'm on a... READ MORE

What can I do to reduce these post acne marks and how long will it take? Everything seems to inflame my skin. (Photo)

Hello,my acne are gone but left me few marks even after a month.I am not sure if these are PIE or PIH because when I press gently on them the outer... READ MORE

How do I get rid of these acne bumps/scars? (Photo)

For years I've tried salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide topical creams but nothing has worked. The bumps are not painful and don't have any pus, but... READ MORE

Can I get acne scarring treatment while taking Doxycycline? Such as lasers, microdermabrasion, etc.

Thanks for taking my question. I'm 25, and have been through 3 courses of Accutane. I'm currently on Erythromycin and Differin XP but was recently... READ MORE

Is laser a safe option for acne scar removal if I have sensitive skin and mild rosacea? (Photos)

I see a lot online for laser treatments of rosacea and also mention of people experiencing scarring from the laser treatment. My rosacea is very mild... READ MORE

What are these bumps on my nose - most developed after cystic acne. (photos)

I've had these flesh coloured bumps on my nose and chin for over five years now. Most of them developed after having cystic acne in the same area. I... READ MORE

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