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How Can I Get Rid of Acne Red Marks in Less then 6 Months?

I had this really bad breakout in October, and now is December and My red marks are healing and geting better but are they going to go away in 5,6... READ MORE

Will my Shallow Acne Scars Improve?

I have a few extremely shallow acne scars on my forehead, and one under my lip. They are about 1-4 months old, and one of them (the oldest) is almost... READ MORE

I Have Light to Medium Ice Pick Scars, What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Them & Prices

I have about 4-5 ice pick scars on one each and 2-3 on the other. I also have a few red old acne scars that haven't gone away. What are the best... READ MORE

Pigmented Acne Scars: Quick and Inexpensive Removal?

I'm a 17 yr-old girl with pigmented acne scars (and some acne) all over my face, worse around my chin/mouth/jaw area. I don't have the money... READ MORE

How long does it normally take for moderate acne scars to go away?

I have had acne scars for about two years. They are moderate but I was wondering how long it normally takes for them to go away or at least fade away... READ MORE

Sciton Erbium - MicroLaser Peel Post-treatment Care?

Hello, I have some acne scarring on my right cheek. My dermatologist has recommended a microlaser peel following by profractional in the same... READ MORE

I am getting acne scar treatment 3 RF needling and 3 CO2 laser. Should I do all the RF at once then all CO2 or alternately?

Like i have to go through 3 rf needling and 3 co2 laser .. so should i go like 3 rf first one month apart then 3 co2 one month apart .. or one rf then... READ MORE

How long does punch incision procedure take and the cost? I have many boxcar and icepick scars on my whole face. (photos)

Boxcar scars are from needling for many years that are about 1-3mm and my ice oick scars are mostly 1 mm but wide and 1 mm deep. I will be in fort lee... READ MORE

What can I do to reduce these post acne marks and how long will it take? Everything seems to inflame my skin. (Photo)

Hello,my acne are gone but left me few marks even after a month.I am not sure if these are PIE or PIH because when I press gently on them the outer... READ MORE

IHOP many treatments will it take for the worse acne scarring?

There any cure for rage damage skin in your face to even with time and scars to fade away , tif there hope or there is the method to really get back... READ MORE

What would be the best order to perform these procedures on acne scars?

I'm currently going to a cosmetic dermatology center in hopes of improving my acne scars. The doctor suggested a combination approach to treat my... READ MORE

Acne scar treatment. Should I wait 2 more months to complete the Accutane course? (Photo)

Hey 20 year old indian this side. I have suffered from mild cystic acne in past . Right now i am on accutane (20mg) from last 4 months . My doc said... READ MORE

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