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What is the Cost of Tca Cross Method?

Am 22 yrs old & suffering from holes on face due to pimples....what is the procedure & details of tca cross method procedure & cost READ MORE

Looking for Doctor Experienced in TCA CROSS? (photo)

Hello Doctors, I am a 30 year old asian male with numerous ice pick scars on my cheeks. What technique is best to minimize them? I hear TCA CROSS is... READ MORE

It is Convenient to Have a Laser Treatment After 45 Days of a Tca Cross? (photo)

45 days ago i had a tca cross with a cosmetic dermatologist to treat my ice pick scars, i am really worry because i have worst scars and... READ MORE

Is TCA Cross result permanent?

I want to get tca cross treatment for my icepick scar, but I'm curious that the result from tca cross is permanent or not. Thanks READ MORE

TCA Cross on ethnic skin - Is this procedure safe for my skin type? What are possible side effects? (Photo)

Hey, I have tanned ethnic skin (Mexican) with ice pick scarring, dull skin, with some active acne that's drying out now. My main concern is that my... READ MORE

Are these scarred pores or ice pick scars? (Photo)

Are they scarred pores or just ice pick scars whichever they are what treatment can help me with them tca cross ? READ MORE

Will my acne scars respond to subcision or TCA Cross before I continue with microneedling? (photos)

I've had one INFINI treatment with little to no results. I plan to continue with microneedling (maybe just regular) but I need a treatment beforehand... READ MORE

Can I get TCA cross for these large pores cause by acne? (Photo)

Can i get tca cross peel for these ice pick scar or enlarged pores ? READ MORE

Follow up - What can be done for this type of acne scarring? (Photo)

I am skin type 4 and have had scarring on my right cheek for 15 years. When I was a teenager I had some subcision and TCA cross which helped. I have... READ MORE

Had a TCA Cross procedure done and the Doctor only poked the end points of a shallow boxcar scar. Is this right?

Going in to his office in a couple days to address this. This doctor seems very apprehensive to answer my questions. Also acts very nervous... I need... READ MORE

TCA Cross for darker skin types?

Is it safe to do use TCA Cross for acne scars on darker skin types? Are there risks of discoloration or hyperpigmentation? If so, how long would these... READ MORE

Will punch excision work for my ice pick scars? (photo)

I've tried chemical peels and the E matrix laser and nothing seemes to work. My goal would be to proceed in doing the punch excision and the Cross TCA... READ MORE

Redness after 8 months tca cross.

I had 3 tca cross treatments 8 months ago. I saw alot of improvement after 3 treatments, but some of those improved scars turn very red once every one... READ MORE

San Antonio, TCA Cross?

Hello, I am looking for a doctor who performs TCA Cross for acne scars. From the internet, I cannot find anyone. I have already done microdermabrasion... READ MORE

Will atrophic scar caused by TCA CROSS improve?

I had TCA CROSS on 7/22/15 for 2 ice pick scar that were both 1mm in diameter grouped within 2mm of each other. TCA was applied over the 2 ice pick... READ MORE

TCA Cross Method for Rolling and Ice Pick Scarring? (photo)

I am a 44 Year old male with area's of rolling and ice pick scaring. I really would like to have these issues addressed. I want to take a very... READ MORE

My scars are widening after TCA Cross. Is this normal? (Photo)

Dear Members, after one week of my 2nd tca cross(100%) the deep of ice pick scars looks same but the scars a widening. Is this a normal stage or goes... READ MORE

Is there a permanent solution for acne scars? (Photo)

I'm a 21 year old male,living in south India with a dark complexion oily skin, i have open pores on my forehead nose and cheeks left by acne, It makes... READ MORE

Best treatment for my scars? (photo)

Hi, Can anyone suggest what are the treatment options for my type of scars. If you suggest laser then please suggest the settings that would workfor... READ MORE

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