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Does Sun Exposure Worsen Old Acne Scars?

I have scars left over from cystic acne. I went on accutane and haven't had any acne in six months, so the scars are not fresh. For my job, I am... READ MORE

What Type of Scar is This Consider? What Treatment Should I Get? (photo)

This is old indented scar caused by combination acne/sun. This consider as boxcar? or Icepick? Will pure Fraxel resurfacing (restore? 1550) benefit... READ MORE

What type of treatment should I use for my combination of different types of acne scars? (Photos)

Hello. I am 19 and suffered from acne for 8 years. My acne has gotten much better but there are a variety type acne scars left. I am Asian. My skin... READ MORE

How can I get rid dark spots formed from acne? (Photo)

Hi I'm 16 years old and I had a pimple for a while and it created dark spots around the pimple. I also been getting dark spots from the sun lately and... READ MORE

Should I go on Isotretinoin during my first year of my college if my acne is not severe?

I went on Accutane about 4 years ago, my acne was gone for 2 years, and is mild/moderate now, tried other meds, no luck. After doing research about... READ MORE

Why do I get dark spots in areas of my body with little to no sun exposure...for example, buttocks, stomach and back.

For a long time I kept thinking my dark spots were due to sun exposure but the more I think about it, I realize that I have been covering up these... READ MORE

Freckles on my nose and dark spots from pimples on my whole face. (photo)

I have frakles on my nose and I have dark spots of pimple on whole face what should I do when I go in sun it gets darker it looks horrible what remedy... READ MORE

How I can remove wounds created by pimples permanently? (photos)

I have small small wounds or holes which look red when sunlight falls on them. So how i remove them..? I'm very tensed due to these.. help me READ MORE

Isotretinoin and sun exposure on acne scars?

I am on 10mg per day isotretinoin. The result has been good so far except for the scars. Does acne scar increase or seem to increase more on sun... READ MORE

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