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Will a Steroid Injection Help With Acne Scars On Chin?

I have old acne scarring on my chin in the form of tiny bumps. They are old(10 years or more)and of course no longer filled with puss, just a build up... READ MORE

Treatment options for hypertrophic scar?

Hi, I am a dark skinned guy from India. I have developed a hypertrophic scar from previous acne on my nose. It is skin colored and does not hurt at... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Dual for Acne Scars and Atrophied Skin (Asian Skin)?

Hi, i have acne scars and atrophied skin (steroid use to bleach the skin lighter). i was considering fraxel restore dual, what i want to know is that... READ MORE

Im Looking for a Dermatologist in Atlanta Georgia Area That Treats Acne Scars with Steroid Injection?

I have had steroid injections before to clear up acne scars. But I just moved to atlanta georgia and I am looking for a Dr that treats acne scars with... READ MORE

Other Than Steroids, What Can Be Done for Hypertrophic Acne Scars?

What treatments, other than steroid injections, are available for hypertrophic acne scars? READ MORE

I used skin lite cream and got steroid acne on my face. I'm worried about scars

I got steroid acne and scars please give some suggestions I m worried about the scars... How much time it will take to clear out please help thanks READ MORE

Steroid injection in cyst cause a dent in my forehead. Any suggestions?

I had a large cyst on my forehead that my dermatologist conservatively injected with steroid 4 weeks ago. The cyst scabbed over and eventually the... READ MORE

I have a prominent scar on my face. Should I get a steroid injection/ undertake laser? What are risks?(photo)

Which is more immediate? The scar resulted from a cystic pimple which formed 10 days ago but is no longer active. The scar is soft, red, slightly... READ MORE

Raised acne scar becomes flat after one session of steroid injection. Was the dose too high?

I read that it takes serval sessions to fix acne scars and steroid injection has lots of side effects. I just fear my dermatologist injected too much... READ MORE

Acne Keloids. Where should I go from here? (photos)

I got steroid injections over the summer but have not seen any progress. A GP said I should only consult a dermatologist/plastic surgeon with... READ MORE

Treatment for acne scars and dark pigmentation

I am 35 yrs old male professionally into body building. I intake a lot of supplements for the growth of body and stamina. I got a acne breakout on my... READ MORE

How should I treat these acne scars? What improvement can I expect? (photo)

Hello i need some help have had these small hypertrophic acne scars all over my cheeks for about 4 years i want to know how to get rid of them. I went... READ MORE

Post-injected flattened hypertrophic acne scars

The acne (only) on my jaw line turned to hypertrophic keloids and my doctor injected steroids underneath it and it became flat. I have tried subcision... READ MORE

Are these scars from acne hypertrophic or keloid scars? (photo)

So I have these scars for around a year but it has been just a few months since they became hard.They are within the area on which acne cysts were... READ MORE

I am wondering what options I have to treat scarring from a cyst and steroid injection.

For several months I have had a cyst (acne) that continually expands and retreats. Last week, out of desperation, I asked the dermatologist to treat... READ MORE

Scarring to Face After Surgery?

I have a benign cyst on my face that can only be surgically removed. It is not sebaceous therefore injections & drainage apparantely wont work. Im... READ MORE

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