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How Do I Treat Orange Peel Skin Texture on the Face?

After suffering from acne for more than half of my life I am left with a orange skin texture on my face. What kind of treatment would help? READ MORE

Recommendations Fo Severe Acne Scarring and Discoloration? (photo)

Hi, i've suffered from acne/cystic acne for a few years(17 now), although my skin is beginning to clear up i've been left with a lot of... READ MORE

What route should I take to improve these facial scars and texture? (photos)

I have mild acne scars, and skin texture issues. I received pearl fractional which left me with 100's of scarred micro holes from lazer which made... READ MORE

Would TCA peels, subcision, and fillers work on my acne scars, rolling scars, and bad skin texture? (photos)

My acne scars resemble the picture I have rolling scars pitted scars and bad skin texture mostly on my cheeks and temple I asked about needling now... READ MORE

What do you think is the best procedure/treatment to get my skin back to a smooth texture and complexion? (Photo)

I was on a six month treatment of accutane (60-80 kg per day), and I just recently finished about two months ago. I know I can't get treatment for a... READ MORE

How would you suggest I improve my acne scars, general skin texture (pimples and large pores) and excessive oil? (Photo)

I have been troubled with acne since 14. From the age of 21-22 my acne reduced to a manageable level. Scars were present although not very noticeable.... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend to treat my acne scars? (Photo)

I have done a laser treatment and e-matrix (6 sessions) and I do not think my skin has improved at all. I am currently using retinol A to help improve... READ MORE

How bad are my acne scars and what can I do to reduce the pores, oily skin and overall texture? (Photo)

I want to know how severe my scars are and if there is any way to reduce my skins oilyness, the size of my pores and the scarring? I know if I reduce... READ MORE

Is subcision best for me? Any other plastic surgery out there? Lasers don't work for me.

I am 30 years old. I have bad skin texture, looks old with make up on, old acne scars, new ones n red marks! I was considering trying to fix my scars... READ MORE

Mixed acne scar treatment? (Photo)

What would be the best treatment option for my shallow ice pick and hypertrophic acne scars? I've teied fractional co2 and it did absolutely nothing... READ MORE

Which treatment can you recommend for getting rid of my red spots and scars caused by acne ? (photos)

Acne scars, red spots , adult acne , improving skin texture , even skin tone Hi, what can I do about improving the texture of my combination skin?... READ MORE

Acne Scars. (photos)

What would be the best treatment ? I have hormonal, cystic acne that's left some scars on my cheeks from me popping them. The texture is very rough... READ MORE

How do I completely get rid of this acne scar/texture? (photo)

You can see it on MY right cheek (your left) it stand out a lot . What is the best option for full removal? READ MORE

What is the best method for treating my acne scars/skin texture? (Photo)

For the past 5 months, I have been using tretinoin cream, and my acne issues have improved significantly! However, I now have acne scars across my... READ MORE

How to Even out Skin Texture and Color from Acne Scar?

I put benzoyl peroxide 10% on a pimple on my chin. It was so painful I even tried to pop it. The next day, the skin on my chin peeled off. It has been... READ MORE

Best Acne Scar Treatment Without Side Effects?

My acne recovered but I want to improve my skin texture because of the acne scar. Can you suggest what is the best treatment with no side effects? READ MORE

I'm looking for responses from cosmetic surgeons in the OHIO or Pittsburgh PA area. I need info on acne scar treatments?

My acne scarring is of the ice-pick and box-scar type. I basically look as though there are holes in my skin. I have rough skin texture too. Is punch... READ MORE

How to even out this skin texture?

I have had acne on my forehead and when they went away they left this uneven scarring on it. It isn't very deep. What are the ways to help smoothen it... READ MORE

Acne Scars Reduction/Removal Method? (photo)

I am wondering what the best method of scar revision would be for these acne scars, which are 20 years old. Any other advice on improving the skin... READ MORE

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