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What Can I Do About my Surgical Scars?

Hello, just recently went for a scar revision with excision. It looks worst than before. Its basically red, indented, and, lumpy. What can I do about... READ MORE

Best procedure for acne/scar revision? (photos)

I have very open pores from teenaged acne and old scars. Have recently had a flare up in my mid 20s and its cystic and leaving red scars from the... READ MORE

Best skin care regime once my acne scars are treated?

My Dr placed me on a mixture of vitamin A creams after scar revision, is there any thing else I needed to do? Im really happy that my scars are 90%... READ MORE

Punch elevation or scar revision for deep wide facial scar? (photo)

I have a 1cm wide deep scar on my left cheek which bother me a lot. I am looking for the treatments to remove this or make it less noticeable! My derm... READ MORE

Do you know of any doctors who use the same methods as you in acne scar revision in Portland, Oregon USA? (photos)

I would love to get treatments from you but unfortunatly your skills aren't here in America. One doctor I got a consultation with wanted to do Infini... READ MORE

Please help with my acne scars. What would you recommend? (photos)

I had scar revision and I think the outcome made the scars much worse then they were before. Please help, I can't stand living in the skin I'm in. READ MORE

Am I scheduling my acne scar treatments too close together? (Photos)

I m undergoing acne scar revision treatment. 29th Aug I had Subcision + MNRF. I have been scheduled for MNRF on 10th Oct. I have been insisting that... READ MORE

Seeking a doctor skilled at acne scar revision techniques, in or near Southern Ontario?

I have seen some excellent acne scar revision reviews and treatments from users of this website. I have consulted with a number of doctors who... READ MORE

What treatment is best; scar revision, facial Lopo, or laser? (photo)

I have a scar on my face as well as other acne pigmentation and redness because my skin is very dry. The scar is noticeable with/without makeup. When... READ MORE

I have had scar in between my eyes (acne) for the past 10 years. There now appears to be another scar forming in top. (Photo)

When the secondary scar (or extra skin with no fluid inside)is removed (such as through microderm treatment) it reappears in a week. Am I a candidate... READ MORE

Acne scar revision during pregnancy, or prior to pregnant but being only 2 months post accutane? (photos)

My husband and I are wanting to start a family very soon, and I would really love to get rid of any remaining acne scars that the medication didn't... READ MORE

Is scar revision the same as punch excision to get rid of an ice pick scar? (photos)

I need help i live in the uk and not many doctors have heard of punch excision, so is punch excision another name for scar revision?, i need this done... READ MORE

Follow-up question: Scar revision? (photo)

I got a large pimple on my cheek about 3 months ago. It left some scarring. The part that I don't like is the bald patch left by it. My question is... READ MORE

Scar revision on temple?

I have indented scars, bad texture all over my left temple from acne. I did co2 lasers many times and subcision with no effect on the scars or texture... READ MORE

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