Rolling Scar + Acne Scars Treatment

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Any Hope for Severe Acne Scars? (photo)

From my research I've learned that acne scars are difficult to treat, is there anything that can improve this type of scarring?. I have ice picks,... READ MORE

Facelift to Correct Numerous Rolling Acne Scars?

A recent consultation with plastic surgeon suggested a full face lift to correct rolling acne scars. Scarring is quite significant. After doing... READ MORE

Rolling Acne Scars on Right Cheek, Would Subcision Work? (photo)

HI, I am in my 20's & only had a small bout with acne, for about three months. Although the acne has long cleared. I have been left with 2... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Help with Rolling Acne Scars? if Not, What Does?

Inhave rolling acne scars, i believe, they are shallow indented scars that have no sharp edges. they show up looking creases in my cheeks when i smile... READ MORE

Olived Skin Hispanic with Acne Scars (Boxcar/rolling) - Best Treatment?

I am a Hispanic male in my mid 30's and I want to do something about my acne scars. I am a Hispanic with olive skin and am considering one of the... READ MORE

For Shallow Acne Scars (Shallow and Rolling), is There a Time-frame for Healing?

My daughter has suddenly developed shallow acne scars on her left cheek and around her mouth - within the last three months. We are currently seeing a... READ MORE

Deep Acne Scar on Forehead? (photo)

I have deep ice pick and rolling scars on my forehead I have had 3 fraxels done and no significant change what are my next best option will punch... READ MORE

What Type of Treatment Would Be Best to Get Rid of These Scars? (photo)

I have some scars on my cheeks I would like to get rid of and I am wondering what type of treatment would be best to get rid of them. One of them is a... READ MORE

Non-invasive Treatment for Ice Pick, Rolling Scars?

I have ice pick or rolling acne scars all over my face. I know Laser treatments and such are the best option to get rid of them. But the thing is, I... READ MORE

Rolling Scars Under Jaw-line on Neck Post Cystic-acne. How Should I Treat It? (photo)

I dealt with cystic acne on the sides of my neck for a while, and now that it is gone, I have a "rolling" type mark/scar left just under my jaw-line... READ MORE

Best Treatment Options for my Acne Scars? (photo)

I am considering having subcison done for my moderately severe rolling and boxcar scars on both cheeks.I was wondering if my shallower boxcar scars... READ MORE

Permanent Solution for Rolling and Ice Pick Acne Scars?

I have rolling acne scars. I tried Chemical Peels, Affirm laser treatment, and Microdermabrasion. However, my skin only improved maybe 20%. Now, I... READ MORE

Solution to Rolling Acne Scars After Failed Fraxel?

I have some rolling acne scars localized mainly one one side of my cheek. I have had CO2 Laser about 6 years ago. I have had TCA peels, blue peels... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for rolling and boxcar acne scars? Will Micro Needling work better than non-ablative lasers?

I have acne scars on my face ranging from boxcar to rolling and with an estimated grade of 2-3. I have recently heard of Collagen Induction Therapy... READ MORE

Does Microdermabrasion Help Rolling and Icepick Acne Scars?

I have icepick and rolling acne scars, and wanted to know if microdermabrasion would help. READ MORE

I believe I have rolling and boxcar acne scars localized in both sides of my cheek temples. What is the best treatment? (Photo)

I believe I have rolling and boxcar acne scars localized in both sides of my cheek. In my temples boxcar scars. I heard about from this dermatologist... READ MORE

What Extent Do Subcisions Affect Your Skin?

I have heard a lot of how effective subcisions are for rolling acne scars. I have rolling acne scars and have had 3 fraxel treatments with limited... READ MORE

TCA Cross Method for Rolling and Ice Pick Scarring? (photo)

I am a 44 Year old male with area's of rolling and ice pick scaring. I really would like to have these issues addressed. I want to take a very... READ MORE

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