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Is 3 Days Too Quick to See Results from Vbeam Treatment on Red Acne Scars

My son has completely shut down his life due to his acne. After 5 months on accutane, his acne has improved but left rather large red scars. Three... READ MORE

Does Acne Scar Excision Leave a Scar?

I have a shallow depressed scar on my left cheek. Will excision of this scar leave a noticeable scar? I went to one doctor and they told me that would... READ MORE

Endymed Intensif (Radiofrequency +microneedling) vs Fraxel for acne scars (ice pick and box scars)? (photo)

Having found little info about Endymed Intensif, I would love to have some doctors opinions on the results obtained with this procedure compared to... READ MORE

Will one microneedling session help acne scars? (photos)

Due to time and money I've booked only one microneedling session. My question is what kind of results will I be able to see just one session. The acne... READ MORE

Recommendation for deep boxcar acne scars on cheeks? (Photos)

After perusing this site, treatments, before/aftr pics 4 a yr…Am more confused. CAN boxcar acne scars be significantly improved? Say 70%? Had f... READ MORE

How long does it take to see results after acne scars subcision with my fat transfer to scars?

I had subcision for my acne scars and the doctor did inject my own fat transfer into the scars. It s been 1 month now and i still did not see any... READ MORE

Skin discoloration, blemishes and acne on African American skin. (photos)

I have always had acne. A few months ago, i went to see my dermatologist who prescribed me tri Luma to lighten up my acne marks since my acne was... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for subcision and TCA Cross? (photos)

I have really severe acne scarring. These are the worst pictures I could find. I wanted to do subcision/TCA Cross in hopes of improving these scars... READ MORE

Is it safe to use a 10% glycolic acid peel daily?

I am 22 year old female. I have about 10 years worth of acne scars. I just want to know if I can safely use a 10% glycolic peel every day in oreder to... READ MORE

Which treatment can give best results for my acne scars? (Photo)

I hv attached my pictures..what type of scars i which grade my scars it difficult to treat... READ MORE

Improved Scars Permanent or Not?

Does Improved scars from ematrix or any other lasers, stays permanent (will not go back to the original form such as shape and depth?). Some says yes... READ MORE

Which treatment do I choose for acne scars? Part 2 after my first question (Photos)

Hey, I have see your response about the combination of skills, but last week i have see two doctor: one, purpose me RF endymed or co2 Fract ,and tca... READ MORE

Are acne scars results permanent?

Hi i want to know that many doctors say treatment for acne scars are permanent except for the fillers. But how can it be permanent if we loose... READ MORE

Forehead acne scarring treatments? (Photo)

Hello doctors, I have shallow acne scarring throughout my forehead. From a distance in certain lighting, its not too noticeable, however up close and... READ MORE

Is my skin specialist Doctor right? Should I continue treatment? (Photos)

I am 35 years old, started treatment for acne scars. First and second appointments treated with lasers and in the third appointment treated with TCA... READ MORE

If acne scars are treated, will the results be permanent?

I've mild and few deep scars. I've done dermarolling once with chemical peel but after few days, they seems back to original condition with little... READ MORE

Is there a way to get Laser Treatment or any kind of treatment for my acne scars on my face? (photo)

Hello all, I'm curious to know how to remove these acne dark spots on my face. I've used skin lightening creams and everything from my dermatologists... READ MORE

I'm looking to fix my acne scars? I'm a 41 year old male dealing with aging skin and recent weight loss (Photos)

I'm not very concerned about cost, my biggest concern is results and downtime. Around 15 years ago, I had laser resurfacing surgery. I saw a surgeon... READ MORE

What should I do about my acne scars? (photos)

I am 18 years old and my goals is to permanently remove all of my acne scars as fast as possible with the best results. What would you suggest is the... READ MORE

Which treatment is more effective for Acne Scars, Ematrix or Icon 1540? (photo)

I recently purchased an Ematrix package (7 treatments) to help with acne scars. The medspa is now encouraging me to upgrade to their new equipment, an... READ MORE

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